Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Months


You are 5 months old!
 You did not have a checkup this month, but according to my calculations you weigh about 19.5 pounds and are at least 27 inches long.

You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 6-9 month clothes.

You drink an 8 ounce bottle every 4-4/2 hours (6:30a, 11a, 3p, 7:30p).  You eat cereal at 7:30 am and a veggie at 6:00 pm.

You take 3 naps a day when you are at home - 9-11am, 1-3 pm, and 5-6pm.  You are still adjusting at daycare and sometimes take multiple cat naps there.  

 This has been a CRAZY month.

You started daycare.  Not long after that, you were acting fussy and had a low grade fever, so I was worried you were getting sick...
but after watching you drool and chomp on your fingers around the clock,
and feeling those razor sharp white specks on your gums, I decided it was just part of teething.
You still LOVE to be outside.  You also love watching the dogs run and play.  You laugh when they bark as seen here...
You've been eating cereal since your 4 month checkup and you LOVE it.  You definitely prefer oatmeal over rice. You started out having cereal for dinner, but now we that we have started veggies, you get cereal for breakfast and a veggie for dinner.  You are such a great eater.  You have started to open your mouth really big, bang on your tray and talk and laugh while you eat.  Notice that death grip on Mommy's hand?  I sometimes have to pry the spoon out of your hand! I guess you just want to be a big boy and feed yourself.
You have started learning to use the sippy cup and you are getting the hang of it!
You adore your Johnny Jump and you usually hang out in it while Mommy and Daddy cook and clean at night so we can all hang out. 
You are still obsessed with TV.  If I think you've had enough, I will turn it off because turning you "away" doesn't work anymore.  You will almost break your neck to see it!

We are still convinced you are just the prettiest most handsome little boy ever.  Your monthly picture turned into a mini photo session thanks to your obsessed adoring Mommy.  Daddy gets all the credit for the smiles.  He is really good at making you laugh and he was very patient with all of Mommy's orders requests.
If you look really close, you can see your teeth! No wonder you felt so rough.  You cut the two bottom teeth at the exact same time! 
Look how much you have grown in just 5 months!

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  1. Such a handsome little fella!! Love the picture where you can see the teeth coming in!