Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 Weeks

The past two weeks have been great. I have been feeling pretty "normal" except for one morning when I JOLTED out of bed at 5:30 am at the sound of Cooper trying to puke. My whole stomach was a little sore after that, but I was fine by that afternoon. I'm still in "get it done" mode most days. Some days, I don't mind the house being out of order. Other days, I don't want to see one single thing out of place. I don't even want to see a fork in the sink. Energy has been fine except maybe 1 day or so a week.

Everyone has been asking us if the nursery is finished and I feel so bad when I say we haven't even started yet. Technically, we have started, there is just nothing actually in the nursery yet. Bedding is ordering and will be ready in a 2-3 weeks and Rusty is picking up the furniture tomorrow. We have decided to leave the walls the color that they are, but I will just have to see what think when we get the bedding in. So, everything is in the works and should come together really quickly and hopefully be finished within the next few weeks.

10 Weeks?!?!:
We are extremely excited and more than ready to be parents. But, this past week, it really hit me. In 10 weeks (give or take), Rusty and I will never be alone again. Yes, hopefully our kids will grow up, move out, and have a wonderful life of their own, but you know what I mean. Once you are a parent, your life is never the same. There is always something to do, worry about, plan, etc. So, I told Rusty I thought we should have a date night every Tuesday until the baby comes and he totally agreed. Rusty has also been very thoughtful lately...little things mostly, but they mean a lot. He is a wonderful husband and I know he will be a great daddy.

To Do List:
Just a glimpse at our next 30 days...
Dr Appt w/ Ultrasound at UAB, Paint Room (?), Pick Up/Set Up Furniture, Breastfeeding Class, Meet the Pediatrician, Preparing for Parenthood Class, Maternity Pics, Baby Tea, Dr Appt, Carpet Cleaning, Baby Shower at Work................. Fun Fun Fun, but Busy Busy Busy! However, I have made sure to leave March W I D E O P E N. Lots of time to relax, nest, and do any last minute shopping, decorating, etc.

I swear he is trying to escape. He is doing some SERIOUS moving in there! It is so funny to think about what in the world he is doing just floating around in there. Tap dancing, kick boxing, rolling around, trying to bust through my skin...some of it has gotten a tad bit uncomfortable. I have read that you should count your kicks/movements at this point to make sure the baby is moving enough. As far as I am concerned, Hudson gets an A+ in movement!

Maternity Clothes:
Gotta have them! Also, my favorite outfit to wear on the weekends/after work is my black maternity workout pants from Forever 21, one of Rusty's t-shirts and fuzzy socks or tennis shoes. I know what you are thinking...HOTT MOMMA!! ha ha Hey, I look cute when I feel like it.

I don't want to complain because it is likely to get much worse as I get closer to D Day. I have good nights and bad nights. Sometimes I sleep great, and sometimes I wake up several times a night, the back of my neck wet with sweat and I am just plain uncomfortable. Sorry to gross you out, but I can't figure out what is going on. Our thermostat is on 67 and the ceiling fan is on. I HAVE to be covered up to go to sleep. I may have to try pulling back my side of the "covers" and just use a light blanket.

None in particular. I have developed a love for McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. We normally NEVER eat McDonald's. To me, it is the Wal-Mart of fast foods. But, I swing by for a #5 about once a week now. : ) This has been going on for at least a month. Also, I've always been a big sweets person, so during this normal/feeling good phase, my love for ice cream and anything chocolate is slightly intensified.

30 Week Appointment:
Both of our parents went with us to our appointment today. Today was the day that the doctors would rec
heck Hudson's kidneys to see if they were still dilated and make a decision about what to do if so. To make a long story short, his kidney dilation was not any worse, but it was not any better. Both kidneys were the same size they were at 24 weeks - right 3mm and left 8mm. From everything that I have read and what my doctor has told us, his left kidney dilation is considered mild (4mm or less is considered average, but 5mm - 10mm is considered mild dilation). So, since the left kidney had not gone down any, they are sending me to UAB Maternal and Fetal Health at the new UAB Women and Infants' Center for a higher level ultrasound. This u/s will allow them to examine his kidneys and ureters better to see if they think it is something that needs to be monitored (a valve causing urine to back up into his kidneys, obstruction, etc), or we could get an all clear, we just won't know until they give him a good look. We have read that even it is something that needs to be monitored until delivery, many times it resolves itself right before or right after birth when the kidneys/ureters have more room to spread out. Again, I am trying really hard not to worry. I think if I had other signs (dilation above 10mm, low amnio fluid, etc) then I would be more concerned. But, all of that is great, he is moving a ton, and his heartbeat was wonderful today. We got to see his precious face, and even got to see him swallow a few times! SO amazing!

30 Week Belly Pic:

Monday, January 9, 2012

28 weeks - THE FINAL STRETCH!!!

I am in shock as I write this...which seems to be the trend on the last few blogs. I can't believe that in 12 weeks (84 days give or take) that I will be meeting my precious baby boy Hudson.

A few things we have done recently to get ready:

  • My dad came and took the furniture that was in the room that will be Hudson's room back to my parents' house. It was the furniture that was in my room when I was growing up. Now, that room is empty except for the gifts that Hudson has already received or things that have been graciously passed down from his cousin Dominic. ; )

  • My mom and I met with Becky from Becker's Bedding at Homewood Antiques and designed the baby bedding! I am extremely indecisive, and it was hard from me to make a decision, even though I went in knowing what I wanted for the most part. She is mailing me fabric swatches so that I can play around with them. I have a few weeks to make any changes. The bedding should be ready in early February. Hopefully his furniture will be in by then so we can have everything set up before my Baby Tea.

  • My dear friends and family are working on plans for a Baby Tea and Baby Shower at work! Hudson and I are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

  • I finally finished registering. We are officially registered at Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Babies R Us. It was lots and lots of fun, especially at Buy Buy Baby, where I got to show Rusty all the different things we will need/want, and I even learned a few things, too. ; )

  • I got a prenatal massage at Ross Bridge over the Christmas Break. It was a birthday gift from my brother and sister in law. It was A M A Z I N G. I've had a massage there before, but this one was incredible. I don't know if it's because I have been sore or if she was just that great, but I HIGHLY recommend it. I think you have to be 13-35 weeks to get a prenatal massage.

  • This week I am researching pediatricians in our area. I am planning on meeting them in the next few weeks and making a decision. I am open to any recommendations! Looking for good bedside manner, after hours care (via nurse line or whatever), well baby area, and a history of a NORMAL wait time.


Movement has been different. Instead of kicking and punching as much, there seems to be more rolling and turning. At one point last week, I think he was lying across my body instead of parallel with me. It felt like a round little head or butt on my left side. I have also felt him having the hiccups and I can't help but laugh.

At 28 Weeks:

According to "the sources", not too much has changed. Hudson is now blinking with his beautiful eyelashes. He is about 2 1/2 pounds and 16 inches long.

Maternity Clothes:

Thank the Lord for maternity clothes. Still loving the full panel pants and I am enjoying my new shirts.


The weird sleep patterns have officially started. I can be super tired when I get home, but if I don't go get in the bed when I feel tired, I get this burst of energy and the sudden urge to get things done around this house. This usually happens around 9:30. I went to bed between 11-12 every night last week and Wednesday and Thursday I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm clock went off! I guess the Lord is preparing me to be a Super Mommy on little sleep.


I'm still enjoying Grapico. I am drinking chocolate milk or Sunny D with breakfast (never been an OJ person), water all during the day, then having sweet tea or Grapico (both decaf) with dinner. I haven't really had any cravings or aversions.

Glucose Test:

I passed my glucose test today!! I am not very good at "just doing something" I don't like...such as drinking a nasty drink. I was a little nervous. Everyone talks about the dreaded glucose test. The lab tech said, "You have five minutes to get this down." I held my breath and turned it up. Never slowed down. I bet she thought I was crazy! I drank the whole thing in about 3 seconds. 121 baby!!!!! Whoop Whoop!! No 3 hour test for me!

Momma's Belly:

Here is an overload of pictures. The first is a picture of me "technically" 2 weeks pregnant in the Bahamas in July, where Hudson was made! The rest are from today, the kickoff of my last trimester!!! There's no doubt about it - my belly button is DEFINITELY an outie! Still no stretch marks, and I am praying it stays that way. I can't believe I am posting a picture of my bare belly, but I figured what the heck. Also, I'm wondering if my belly is going to change shape. Hudson is in a transverse position (sideways) so I feel like that is making me look wide. The doctor said he would have to turn soon because he would run out of room. She said if he was in a different position, I may have measured more than that.

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

Now that the news is out, CONGRATS to Deanna and Natalie on their exciting news!!! I can't wait to meet your precious babies in May and August!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Suzy Homemaker - Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Rusty got me a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for Christmas and I couldn't wait to use it. A few days after Christmas I made a Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Cream Cheese Pound Cake is my favorite pound cake, so I figured I would try this recipe that was in Southern Living this summer. It was listed as one of their Top Seven Summer Pound Cakes. Yes, I know it is winter, but I really wanted to try it. It was really fun to make and yummy, too. I wasn't the hugest fan of the strawberry glaze, but overall I was satisfied.

What you need:
Butter and Sugar Mixture:
Adding the Strawberry Glaze:
First Successful Pound Cake!

With Blue Bell Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream, of course!

My parents got me the Dreamcakes cookbook from Dreamcakes Bakery in Homewood for Christmas! I was so excited! I can't wait to make some cupcakes. I think I am going to try the Mississippi Mud first. It is my new favorite. If you have never been to Dreamcakes, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Click here for a link to their site.

I also got a sewing machine for Christmas. I can't decide what I want to make first, but I know it will be something for Hudson. : )