Thursday, February 28, 2013

11 Months


You are ELEVEN months old!!!

 Always trying to escape!
(Just a talkin' with your serious "I've got to tell you something important" face on!")

Look at my big boy!
You are the sunshine of our lives! We love you so much!

It is unreal to think about how much you have changed in the past 11 months.


 What a testament to God's works! Every child is a true miracle!

You currently weigh 26 pounds.

The 12 month clothes are getting pretty snug.  You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes and a size 4 diaper.  

Your feeding amounts/schedule/naps haven't really changed at all except we are incorporating much more table food, especially at dinner time and on the weekends. 

We have been SSSOOO lucky (*knock on wood*) that you've only been sick enough for a doctor's visit with a prescription 2 times in 11 months! WOW! What a blessing!
However, you've had a neck rash that has been extremely stubborn.  It started out about the size of a dime around Thanksgiving.  It would go away, then come back over and over again.  Then it started getting much worse, then better, then worse...  The doctor said it was a drool rash (you are always SOAKED from chewing on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.) and we tried multiple over the counter creams for over two months.  Mommy became really worried when your chin looked like this one Sunday...

The doctor finally prescribed a stronger steroid cream and it was gone in a few days!! I hope that it is gone for good!

In the past few weeks, you have changed at a very rapid pace.  Not long after you turned 10 months, you began crawling on all fours.  You would do it some times, but you were still much faster at Army crawling.  You went from crawling on all fours, to pulling up completely, to walking behind your walker, to cruising on furniture all within a week or two!  Now you are doing little "handstands" trying to figure out how to stand up without pulling up.  We call you "Evel Knievel" because you aren't scared of anything now! If you are cruising and want to get down, sometimes you will just dive! But you catch yourself with your hands. If you are anything like your Daddy, I know we've got our hands full with you!

 You think you are so cool these days!
 One of your new things... looking out the window.
We are having to watch you more closely because you move very, very quickly and of course, the things that are off limits are the ones you really go for!  Your morning routine was to have a bottle in your Nap Nanny and watch TV in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom while we got ready.  After you finished your bottle, you would just chillax and watch your shows.  Now we know when you are finished because you will climb out of your Nap Nanny and come find us in the bathroom! You pretty much go wherever you want, whenever you want!
Your favorite things besides Mommy and Daddy are: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Macy and Cooper, chasing the dogs in your walker, items that are supposed to be "off limits" (potted plants, BBW Wallflowers, breakable items, electrical cords), and being as adventurous as humanly possible by climbing on everything in sight and pulling down anything you can reach. 
You are loving all of these new table foods and so far you have yet to turn anything down! So far we've had vegetables galore, a few fruits, scrambled eggs, french fries, shredded cheese, BBQ style pork, chicken and dumplings, chicken chili, ground beef, beef stew, ice cream and strawberry cobbler (at Aunt Rene's Birthday Party)....  You've currently got a love/hate relationship with your bottle - mostly the nighttime bottle but sometimes the lunch one, too.  It's frustrating at times, but I guess it will be easy to wean you to only a cup when the time comes.  You are either starving for it, or you will squeal and push it away.  You never know!
This month you celebrated your 1st Valentine's Day!
Everyone loves this little boy to pieces!!
We hung out with your friends at Parker's 1st Birthday Party!
Your birthday party is 24 days from today! Mommy and Daddy already have a couple of big ticket items picked out for our special boy! We are so excited!!!
It has been very emotional past few weeks (at least for Mommy).  It truly has flown by, just like everyone said it would.  I could lay you down in your crib at bedtime, but instead I (or Daddy) rock you to bed every single night.  We will do this as long as you will let us.  We can't believe that in 1 month you will be a year old!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Stay-at-Home Saturday

Today consisted of this...
And this...
And even this...
Now THAT'S what I call out cold!

Today was exactly what the doctor ordered. I feel like we've been on the go since Thanksgiving. So today, we stayed put. As matter of fact, I didn't get out of my pjs until 4pm. Only then did I put on jeans and a pullover to run to Dollar Tree and take my car through the car wash.

I read a bunch of organization posts that were linked to Kelly's Korner and got a little inspired. Our guest bedroom/dog bedroom/craftandhuntingstuffcloset needs a little pick-me-up. I'm going to get rid of the bed that's in there and turn it into an office/play area/craft room. We rarely have spend the night company and we desperately need some type of office space.

I really enjoyed relaxing with my boys all day!! Hudson is changing so quickly and it was great to have some time to ourselves to soak up these last couple of months with our "baby".

Hope you guys had a great Saturday!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Having your nails done just makes you feel better about yourself. Oh, and new shoes. Who doesn't love new shoes?!

If I were a stay at home mom, Hudson and I would have really made the most of the beautiful weather today. But I work. So, after work I sprinted to daycare (as usual), and we went to the park! I was so pumped. And thennn people stared at me. All of the SAHM/grandparents that picked up their kids after school had the same idea and the park was packed. With jeans and tshirt clad kids and adults. I busted up in there and took my ten month old down the big kid slide. In my black slacks and pearls. Let's just say I stuck out like a sore thumb. Who cares.

I'm very OCD about all of Hudson's stuff. I usually pack his bag and then recheck everything. And then I usually have back ups. BUT one time we went shopping and I realized on the interstate I packed formula but no bottle. A few weeks ago I SOMEHOW (even though I unpack and repack his daycare bag like a machine every night) forgot to pack his cereal for breakfast. Note to self: I'm human. There will be many more mistakes, no matter how "Supermom" I try to be.

My 4 grade level coworkers that have become some of my very best friends are my sanity. Only teachers understand teachers. And only new first time moms understand new first time moms. We cover EVERY, and I mean EVERY topic under the sun. Our babies are 20 months, 10 months, 5 months, and 4 months. And then there is Aunt Middendorff, who politely listens to our CONSTANT ramblings of snot, fevers, milestones, breastfeeding, husbands, birthday parties, etc. No kids yet, but I'm convinced by the time she does there will be no reason to read any baby book because she will know everything she needs to know. ; )

Speaking of teaching, people SERIOUSLY cannot fathom the amount of patience it takes to be a teacher. This crossed my mind today as we were working on our research papers. Some days I want to pull my hair out. Some days I want to take them all home. Today I laughed. A lot. The things they say...the things they do... Like come back from the bathroom with tons of purple eye shadow and sparkling lip gloss on. Yes, they are 8/9 years old. Going on 27 most days. What a mess. I feel like we expect these BABIES (yes, they are babies) to do SO MUCH. Write informative research essays, sit perfectly still for hours taking a standardized test (in case you did not know, kids are not allowed to read or draw or do anything after they are finished anymore except for sit), etc. Today was the most beautiful weather we've had in weeks. It was what we call a non-resource day,so after lunch I took the kids outside. I'll let them run around and enjoy the sunshine. We did the hokey pokey and played Duck Duck Goose. They had a blast. I had a blast. The kids got to be kids. It was so refreshing.

A parent can have the worst day but when your child smiles the biggest smile when you walk in the door, it all fades away. At least until they go to bed and you have time to think about it again. Seeing Hudson and Rusty smile at each other everyday is one of my absolute favorite things. They have a new thing- post dinner dance party. It's pretty cute. It's amazing how a child can mold a husband into more than you could ever imagined.

Just my thoughts for today! Feel free to share yours!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Dedication

It was Baby Dedication Day today at our church.  In most Baptist churches, it is a very simple, but meaningful ceremony.  The parents promise to raise their children in a Christian home and provide guidance by keeping them in a loving, supportive church home.  The church commits to helping the parents raise the child by supporting the parents and providing Christian guidance to the child. We were very lucky to have most of our family join us for the service this morning. It was a very special time as we prayed for God to guide Hudson through every step of his life. 
We decided to have Hudson just sit with us during the service instead of sending him to the nursery and he did very well! Right at the very end he finally got sick of sitting there and Rusty took him out.  Despite a very nasty cold and teething, he did great!
After the service and a small photo shoot in the lobby, we headed to our house for some food and fellowship! It's not very often that both sides of our family get together.  We had a great time catching up and of course spoiling Hudson with lots of hugs and kisses!
Hudson finally went down for a nap about 2:30.  Shortly after everyone left, Rusty and I crashed as well.  We all woke up just in time for the Super Bowl! It was a great Sunday and I look forward to giving Hudson his letter from our Pastor the day he accepts Jesus into his heart!
 We love you, Buddy!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ten Months

You are TEN months old!
That's double digits!! CRAZINESS!
You are getting closer and closer to your first birthday, which I am having SO much fun planning.
At ten months, you weigh about 25 pounds and are about 30 inches long.
You wear a size 4 diaper, mostly 12 month/some 18 month clothes, and a size 3 shoe.
Food is mostly the same, but we've been trying a lot more table food lately. 

Mmmmmmmm Beef Stew!

What is this and what do I do with it?

Mmmmmmmm pancake!

Your new favorite snack is Cheerios.  You used to eat slowly with your fingers, but now your new game is "How many _______ can I shove into my mouth at one time?" And then when I tell you "Hudson, don't do that" you think it is soooo funny.  Oh boy. 
When I get on to you for biting, however, I will look you in the eyes and say "No Sir" and that lip comes waaaay on out there and there may have been a tear or two which lead to snuggle time and sweet talk about why we don't bite.  Sweet Momma's boy loves to chew on everything...including Momma.
Sleeping was going so well and suddenly you started waking earlier. and earlier. AND EARILER.  6:15. 6:00. 5:45. 5:30....every day about 10 minutes earlier, including a few 5:15 days! I was praying that this was a phase, and thankfully it was.  I actually had to wake you up to get ready at 6:30 today.  Thank goodness that 2 weeks was just a phase!
On the movement front, you are still crawling.  You love to stand up and dance or play with your Baby Einstein table.  You can pull up from a sitting position.
A couple of weeks ago, you moved up a room at daycare.  Mommy cried with the director told her it was time just couldn't believe the day had finally come.  Just another sign that you are slooowly phasing out of the baby stage.  Oh, it's like a dagger to my heart these days!  But I have to say you have done so awesome.  It was no big deal to you.  You are sleeping like a champ in there, having about 2 - 2 hour naps a day.  Your new teacher said you are all over the place.  I believe it because you are rubbing rough patches on your arms and legs from crawling all day! I can already tell you are going to be a rambunctious little boy! 

Other random rambunctious boy acts: your love of banging two objects together as loud as possible, "accidentally" smacking daddy in the face with said objects, feeding Macy your Cheerios and then laughing hysterically, "barking" at Daddy while he feeds you, and giggling when Mommy oinks like a pig.  It is currently the only animal sound that you find so funny.

You love to watch the dogs, be outside, and go to new places.  We've never once taken you somewhere and seen you act overwhelmed.  You went through a little clingy stage at 8/9 months but you are very social and extremely nosey observant.
Now that you are all over the place, you will crawl the fastest to things you are not supposed to play with: Mommy and Daddy's shoes, Macy's rope, electrical cords, dog bowls, shopping bags, papers, pens, YOU NAME IT! We will leave you alone to play in the living room while we clean up and sometimes we go in there and you have disappeared down the hallway! Or we will be in the kitchen and we will hear you coming from the little smacking sounds your chubby palms make on the tile floor. SO cute.
You are VERY rarely fussy, but if you are getting tired or we are trying to keep you happy (car, restaurant, taking pictures), the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song does the trick almost EVERY time.
I've discussed this with other mommies and we all agree.  Walt Disney has got something special in the MMCH and boy do you all love it.  When the Hot Dog song starts, you smile really big, clap, and sometimes get so excited you start bouncing and shaking and your face will turn red! You LOVE it and it is so funny to watch you!
It has been a very busy month for you! This month you changed teachers/rooms at daycare, celebrated your first Alabama National Championship,

played in the snow for the first time,

and moved up to a big boy car seat! You still had 5 pounds to reach the max but you were getting very close to the height limit.

We are so very much in love with our handsome little man!
We love you to the moon and back!