Friday, February 1, 2013

Ten Months

You are TEN months old!
That's double digits!! CRAZINESS!
You are getting closer and closer to your first birthday, which I am having SO much fun planning.
At ten months, you weigh about 25 pounds and are about 30 inches long.
You wear a size 4 diaper, mostly 12 month/some 18 month clothes, and a size 3 shoe.
Food is mostly the same, but we've been trying a lot more table food lately. 

Mmmmmmmm Beef Stew!

What is this and what do I do with it?

Mmmmmmmm pancake!

Your new favorite snack is Cheerios.  You used to eat slowly with your fingers, but now your new game is "How many _______ can I shove into my mouth at one time?" And then when I tell you "Hudson, don't do that" you think it is soooo funny.  Oh boy. 
When I get on to you for biting, however, I will look you in the eyes and say "No Sir" and that lip comes waaaay on out there and there may have been a tear or two which lead to snuggle time and sweet talk about why we don't bite.  Sweet Momma's boy loves to chew on everything...including Momma.
Sleeping was going so well and suddenly you started waking earlier. and earlier. AND EARILER.  6:15. 6:00. 5:45. 5:30....every day about 10 minutes earlier, including a few 5:15 days! I was praying that this was a phase, and thankfully it was.  I actually had to wake you up to get ready at 6:30 today.  Thank goodness that 2 weeks was just a phase!
On the movement front, you are still crawling.  You love to stand up and dance or play with your Baby Einstein table.  You can pull up from a sitting position.
A couple of weeks ago, you moved up a room at daycare.  Mommy cried with the director told her it was time just couldn't believe the day had finally come.  Just another sign that you are slooowly phasing out of the baby stage.  Oh, it's like a dagger to my heart these days!  But I have to say you have done so awesome.  It was no big deal to you.  You are sleeping like a champ in there, having about 2 - 2 hour naps a day.  Your new teacher said you are all over the place.  I believe it because you are rubbing rough patches on your arms and legs from crawling all day! I can already tell you are going to be a rambunctious little boy! 

Other random rambunctious boy acts: your love of banging two objects together as loud as possible, "accidentally" smacking daddy in the face with said objects, feeding Macy your Cheerios and then laughing hysterically, "barking" at Daddy while he feeds you, and giggling when Mommy oinks like a pig.  It is currently the only animal sound that you find so funny.

You love to watch the dogs, be outside, and go to new places.  We've never once taken you somewhere and seen you act overwhelmed.  You went through a little clingy stage at 8/9 months but you are very social and extremely nosey observant.
Now that you are all over the place, you will crawl the fastest to things you are not supposed to play with: Mommy and Daddy's shoes, Macy's rope, electrical cords, dog bowls, shopping bags, papers, pens, YOU NAME IT! We will leave you alone to play in the living room while we clean up and sometimes we go in there and you have disappeared down the hallway! Or we will be in the kitchen and we will hear you coming from the little smacking sounds your chubby palms make on the tile floor. SO cute.
You are VERY rarely fussy, but if you are getting tired or we are trying to keep you happy (car, restaurant, taking pictures), the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song does the trick almost EVERY time.
I've discussed this with other mommies and we all agree.  Walt Disney has got something special in the MMCH and boy do you all love it.  When the Hot Dog song starts, you smile really big, clap, and sometimes get so excited you start bouncing and shaking and your face will turn red! You LOVE it and it is so funny to watch you!
It has been a very busy month for you! This month you changed teachers/rooms at daycare, celebrated your first Alabama National Championship,

played in the snow for the first time,

and moved up to a big boy car seat! You still had 5 pounds to reach the max but you were getting very close to the height limit.

We are so very much in love with our handsome little man!
We love you to the moon and back!





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  1. Such a sweet boy!! He's such a big boy! WE LOVE some Mickey Mouse!!! :)