Friday, March 29, 2013

Hudson's First Birthday Party

This past Saturday we hosted many family and friends for Hudson's First Birthday Party!  I decided since he will only be a baby once, I would do something sweet for his first birthday.  I chose a light blue and green theme accented with elephants (random I know.... I get these crazy visions and everything has to be custom ordered/made.... I never do anything easy! NEVER!)

We were hoping for a sunny, spring day but instead were faced with a forecast of thunderstorms.  It stormed all night Friday night and Saturday night, but the Good Lord gave us a break Saturday morning so our guests didn't get soaked trying to get to the party! 

We let the kiddos play as everyone arrived.  I stole Jessica's wonderful idea to entertain the kids with a ball pit... it worked!!


Most of the babies at the party...

Easton and Ryleigh showing the babies how it's done!

Cousin Dominic LOVES "Baby Hudson"
Then this little cutie opened waaaaaayyyy too many presents! I think he is set for a while! 
We had lots of food and fun, including a little cake for the birthday boy!

Momma having to choke back some tears as we sang Happy Birthday
Not too sure at first...

You thought it was pretty good!

After the cake, Hudson got cleaned up and relaxed with all of his company. 

We had so much fun planning for Hudson's special day! It went by so fast.  Our house was full of people that day.  After everyone left and the house was mostly cleaned up, Mommy, Daddy, and Baby all had a WONDERFUL nap.  We spent the rest of the afternoon as just the three of us.  Mommy and Daddy loving on our baby boy... talking, playing, dancing, eating leftovers, and enjoying some of his new goodies.  One of the presents we got him was a chair.  It was hard to get a good picture of him with it during the party, so after he was all cleaned up that night, we had a little photo shoot.  I figured I would get all the use I could out of all these decorations!
Oh my goodness..... could he be any cuter?!?!
It was a very special day for Hudson, but I think it was an even more special day for us as we celebrated the blessing of our baby boy.  We are so lucky for Hudson to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hudson!


today is your FIRST birthday! 
At 12 months old, you weigh 25 pounds and are 30 1/2 inches long.  You are no longer in the 90th percentile... you've moved down to the 80th.  I'm wondering what this will mean for your adult height! I guess you just never know!

You wear a size 4 diaper, mostly 18 month clothes, and a size 4 1/2 wide shoe.  You have 8 teeth - 4 on top, and 4 on bottom.  The doctor said she could see your one year molars were about to pop through the gums any day now, which explains the low grade fever and slight fussiness lately. 

You are a speed demon when it comes to crawling and you will crawl and cruise to get everywhere you want to go.  You just haven't let go yet.  You are into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  I am literally about to have to remove the wipe warmer from the changing table because you constantly pull up and yank wipes out of it.

You are sleeping well through the night, going down between 7:30-8:00, waking up around 6:00, and taking 2 naps a day around 9:30 and 1:30.  
You are eating mostly table food.  You will eat almost anything we eat.  Actually, you eat healthier than we eat!  Mommy makes sure you are eating all the right things! : ) The only thing you do not like so far is mashed potatoes.  You literally gag and your eyes start watering every time we try to feed it to you.  
 You still LOVE cheerios! AND you are COMPLETELY off the bottle! The best part is you pretty much weaned yourself.  I can tell that you kind of miss it in the morning, but once we get breakfast going well, you are good to go.  

A few weeks ago when we were testing you on eating table food at restaurants, we took you to Full Moon BBQ.  You ate off of my BBQ plate - pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, and even a bite of Daddy's catfish!  
Based on this face, I'd say you loved it! 

Last week while Mommy was off work for spring break, we spent lots of quality time together! 
During spring break, there was lots of cuddle time, reading, laughing, dancing, and just enjoying each others' company. 
On Tuesday, we went to the zoo with your buddies! It was the first zoo trip for all the boys (Hudson, Gage, and Caleb L to R), but Ryleigh was the pro leading the way!  We decided to take the Smart Trikes instead of the strollers and it worked wonderfully!
 We've had some changes in childcare lately, and different family members keep you various days of the week until I get out of school for the summer.  I have tried so hard not to use a sick day this year, but I decided since someone had to keep the birthday boy today that I wanted the pleasure. : ) I justified it by taking you to your 12 month checkup.  

You started out the day by tinkling on your pjs, so you enjoyed a scramble eggs with cheese, fruit, and cheerios breakfast in your birthday suit!
While I cleaned up a little, you enjoyed one of your current favorite activities - watching the dogs play out the door and yelling "Coop Coop".
We spent the morning cuddled in the recliner during nap time, then off to the doctor.  
The day ended with dinner and dancing and a bath time filled with new toys.
I absolutely can not believe that at 4:01 pm a year ago today, you entered our world and turned it upside down in the most amazing way possible.  I thank God every day for the most wonderful gift of a healthy, loving, funny, playful, strong, cuddly, charming, smart baby boy.  We are so blessed to be your parents. 
Here's to many more wonderful years of making memories with you!
We love you, Bug!