Friday, January 11, 2013

Hudson's First Christmas: Part 3: Christmas Day

Let me start this by saying I had all these plans to have the ONE toy that we had to put together assembled way before Christmas Eve night.  But with the change in the school calendar, I quickly lost track of time and all of a sudden it was Christmas Eve.  We stayed at Rusty's parents house until 7:30.  Hudson fell asleep on the way home, so the plan was to transport him from the car to his crib like a peaceful little Christmas angel, set out all of his goodies, and get in bed ourselves.

Well, things don't always go as planned.  Hudson woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep.  I don't remember now, but I think we wrestled him for almost 2 hours.  We didn't even get started until 10:30.  Then, of course, his Smart Trike, which was all supposed to "click and snap" quickly into place had directions and parts with no labels or words, so that took longer than expected.  Almost an hour and 1 blood blister later, we were finished.  It was almost midnight and we were pretty tired, but Christmas Vacation came on so we had a few laughs and took in the thoughts of waking up as Santa for the first time. 

Rusty got me a tripod for our video camera and we had everything all charged and set up.  We got lots of video, but somehow I forgot to take the "look what Santa brought you" picture.  This could be because we went to bed around 1 and Hudson woke up at 5:30, so we were all in a fog. Either way, we loved spending time together that morning.  Here are a few pictures of that morning.

We started to get ready to go spend Christmas Day with my parents in Oneonta.  All everyone had talked about for a week were the tornadoes and severe storms that were coming that afternoon.  I knew we could be stuck in Oneonta due to the storms and I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving our fur babies outside all alone during a tornado! SO............. we ALL packed up.  Mommy, Daddy, Baby, two 50 pound dogs, and a car full of presents.  After all of that, all we got was a lot of rain.  Oh well.  Better safe than sorry.

When we got to my parents house, we swapped gifts and took pictures of Nana and Papa and their boys! 

After that, my mom's brother's family arrived.  We all had a fun lunch and played with a house full of kiddos. 

I can't believe his first Christmas has already come and gone! It was very fun, and I can't wait to see what next year will be like when he is talking and walking!! 

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