Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hudson's First Christmas: Part 1

We had a wonderful time celebrating Hudson's first Christmas! It was a very busy month, and our house is full of all kinds of goodies.  We are very blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends and family.
Our very first "family" ornament!
At the beginning of the month, he had a little play date with Miss Payton Vail.  To say he was smitten is an understatement.  They were cracking us up...


 A couple of weeks later we went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  He was great! It all happened so fast that I don't think he had time to be scared! He loved Santa and the "North Pole".
(some of these are pictures of pictures, so forgive the quality...)

Very first time on a carousel!

We had the Annual Miller Christmas at Palisades Park in Oneonta.
We got together with the LaRue bunch at Granny LaRue's house and boy were we spoiled.  We changed it up a little bit and instead of having the traditional "Thanksgiving-esque" dinner, we had a seafood feast! Fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp cocktail, homemade hush puppies, and pies! Rene and Lane brought Edgar's cake bites and to say we were all stuffed is an understatement. We are all definitely spoiled! We may have kids of our own, but we are still Granny's babies! Somehow I didn't get all the pictures I wanted to get with everyone.  Maybe when seperation anxiety dies down, I can pick up my camera  next year.

This is my nephew Dominic.  He's almost 2 1/2 and this was his third Christmas.  Boy was he lovin it!  Every year has just gotten more fun. It makes me really look forward to next year with Hudson!

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