Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hudson's First Christmas: Part 2: Christmas Eve

See Christmas Part 1 here

Christmas Eve was celebrated at MeMe and PawPaw's house (Rusty's parents).

Before everyone got there, I went a little nuts and had a photo shoot took a few pictures of our handsome man in front of the tree.  Hey, it's only your first Christmas once! 

Before we ate, everyone just oooohhh and aahhhhhh all over Hudson and all of a sudden he started army crawling! He tends to crawl after things he shouldn't be playing with, but we would do anything to get him to crawl.
First Christmas as MeMe and PawPaw
Aunt Lauren helping Hudson open some presents.
The best you can get with a busy 8 month old.
He LOVED all of the tissue paper and wrapping paper. 
Havin some nakey time with Uncle Brett.  FYI: Uncle Brett was not nakey, just Hud Stud.
 On the move again!
All presents, wrapping paper, etc went straight to the mouth, as usual.
We had a wonderful time relaxing and having a casual late lunch.  It was fun celebrating for the first time with a baby in the house.  It was definitely all about him, but he was cool enough to play in the highchair and watch us play Battle of the Sexes for a little while.  He was so spoiled with all kinds of goodies, but most importantly spoiled with hugs and kisses.  We are looking forward to many more babies to fill the Ashworth house over the coming years! Babies do make everything more fun!

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