Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Having your nails done just makes you feel better about yourself. Oh, and new shoes. Who doesn't love new shoes?!

If I were a stay at home mom, Hudson and I would have really made the most of the beautiful weather today. But I work. So, after work I sprinted to daycare (as usual), and we went to the park! I was so pumped. And thennn people stared at me. All of the SAHM/grandparents that picked up their kids after school had the same idea and the park was packed. With jeans and tshirt clad kids and adults. I busted up in there and took my ten month old down the big kid slide. In my black slacks and pearls. Let's just say I stuck out like a sore thumb. Who cares.

I'm very OCD about all of Hudson's stuff. I usually pack his bag and then recheck everything. And then I usually have back ups. BUT one time we went shopping and I realized on the interstate I packed formula but no bottle. A few weeks ago I SOMEHOW (even though I unpack and repack his daycare bag like a machine every night) forgot to pack his cereal for breakfast. Note to self: I'm human. There will be many more mistakes, no matter how "Supermom" I try to be.

My 4 grade level coworkers that have become some of my very best friends are my sanity. Only teachers understand teachers. And only new first time moms understand new first time moms. We cover EVERY, and I mean EVERY topic under the sun. Our babies are 20 months, 10 months, 5 months, and 4 months. And then there is Aunt Middendorff, who politely listens to our CONSTANT ramblings of snot, fevers, milestones, breastfeeding, husbands, birthday parties, etc. No kids yet, but I'm convinced by the time she does there will be no reason to read any baby book because she will know everything she needs to know. ; )

Speaking of teaching, people SERIOUSLY cannot fathom the amount of patience it takes to be a teacher. This crossed my mind today as we were working on our research papers. Some days I want to pull my hair out. Some days I want to take them all home. Today I laughed. A lot. The things they say...the things they do... Like come back from the bathroom with tons of purple eye shadow and sparkling lip gloss on. Yes, they are 8/9 years old. Going on 27 most days. What a mess. I feel like we expect these BABIES (yes, they are babies) to do SO MUCH. Write informative research essays, sit perfectly still for hours taking a standardized test (in case you did not know, kids are not allowed to read or draw or do anything after they are finished anymore except for sit), etc. Today was the most beautiful weather we've had in weeks. It was what we call a non-resource day,so after lunch I took the kids outside. I'll let them run around and enjoy the sunshine. We did the hokey pokey and played Duck Duck Goose. They had a blast. I had a blast. The kids got to be kids. It was so refreshing.

A parent can have the worst day but when your child smiles the biggest smile when you walk in the door, it all fades away. At least until they go to bed and you have time to think about it again. Seeing Hudson and Rusty smile at each other everyday is one of my absolute favorite things. They have a new thing- post dinner dance party. It's pretty cute. It's amazing how a child can mold a husband into more than you could ever imagined.

Just my thoughts for today! Feel free to share yours!


  1. LOVE this post! Poor Aunt Midd... she does well with our crazy convos!

    The last paragraph about Hudson & daddy gave me chills... it is amazing what these baby boys have done to them!

    LOVE your random thoughts;)

  2. I love this post! I wish I could have seen you going down the slides in your dress pants. Get it momma :)
    Being a teacher and having kids all day and going home to your own precious boy is a challenging task, but you are so good. You are a wonderful mother, teacher and friend! Love my girls!

  3. You are so right. I wish I could stay at home with Carter and see him more, but I can't :( I'm a CPA so right now is my busy season, so I'm working around the clock. When I go pick him up from my MIL's house, he runs to me and smiles so big. It breaks my heart to put him to bed a mere 1 hour later. It's just not enough time with him :( I think sliding down the slide in pears and black pants makes you a TERRIFIC mom. Shows that you put Hudson first!