Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Hudson!!


You are six months old!
That's right, half a year has gone by since this wonderful day...
You are growing like a weed!  

At six months (and one week, to be exact...)

You weigh 20 pounds, 11 ounces and are 28 inches long. 

That's about 95th percentile for both.

You wear 6-9 month and 9 month clothes.  You wear a size 3 shoe (Mommy got you a super cute pair to wear with your Polo jeans and button down shirt-you're gonna be such a stud!).  You wear a size 3 diaper and a size 4 Baby Dry nighttime diaper.  

We followed some fellow bloggers' advice and bumped you up a size on the night time diapers after you peed out of a size 3 nighttime diaper several times making for some not so fun middle of the night wakings.

You are such a fun boy these days.  Just like everyone tells me, every new stage just gets better and better!! I do miss the days of you being so tiny and cuddly, but you are SO FUN these days!  You are sitting up pretty well now, but we still put some padding behind you.  Your favorite thing is to jump or bounce.  You still love to play in your jumperoo or in your exersaucer with a bouncy floor.  You love the Johnny Jump, where you currently look more like a circus act because you bounce and swing from side to side and just squeeeaaaaallll!!!!  If someone is holding you, you prefer to stand and bounce/jump on their legs.  You also are obsessed with grabbing everyone's face.   

You love to talk and talk and talk some more.  You are putting everything within reach in your mouth.   You love to laugh, especially at Daddy.  You have recently started grunting (we've been calling you "The Hulk" all week) and you love to bang on your highchair while waiting on your dinner.  Every little thing is just so cute!  Your two bottom teeth are completely through now and I'm pretty sure you are working on some more.  I think it will be a while though because I can't see or feel anything yet.  

You are still LOVING your food!! Your current schedule is something like this...
6-6:30 Wake Up and 8oz bottle; 7:30 rice or oatmeal cereal; 8:30ish nap; 10:30 fruit; 11:30 7oz bottle; 1:00 nap; 4:00 7oz bottle; 5:00 catnap; 6:30 veggie; 7:30 bath; 8:00 8oz bottle
You are still in stage 1 foods and you will sometimes have a sippy cup with 1/2 water 1/2 juice with your meals.

You are napping much better but still usually wake up at least once (if not a couple of times) at night.  We have been back and forth, back and forth about what to do about you sleeping at night because it seems like circumstances are just constantly changing and we (Mommy and Daddy) just can't make up our minds about what to do!  As of today (10/7/12) you are sleeping on your tummy with a paci and music on all night.  You DEFINITELY prefer to sleep on your tummy.  If you are ever in the bed with us you may sleep on your side because our mattress is so squishy.  You are a cuddle bug! 

You attended your first wedding last month (and you were quite a hit if I do say so myself).
You also took your first trip to the beach! We stayed in our fav place, Destin, Florida and ate at all of our fav places! You did so good! We were so proud of you.

It makes us so happy to see you smile at us when we walk in the room.  You have started to hug and cling a little when we hold you, which I LOVE. Can't wait til my little man reaches for his Mommy!!! My heart may just melt!! 


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