Sunday, March 25, 2012

Still Here...

It's 6:30 on Sunday afternoon, the night before my 39 week appointment. I honestly didn't think I would be sitting here childless. Why? I'm not really sure. I'm not due for another week...what was I thinking? I guess it is mostly because of the words of others. People constantly looking at me and telling me I wouldn't make it 40 weeks, my doctor telling me last Monday that I was 2 cm and 50% effaced...I guess hearing those things in addition to all of the Braxton Hicks episodes I've had over the past 2 weeks really got my hopes up that I was going to go into labor on my own before 39 weeks.

But I didn't. Or at least not yet!

So tomorrow I go for my 39 week appointment. Rusty is going with me since this is supposed to be the day that we "come up with a plan" according to what the doctor told us at my 36 week appointment. She acted like since he was so big at 36 weeks (estimated 7 pounds 8 ounces) that if he wasn't here by 39 weeks that we would induce (if it looked like that was favorable, and at this point I'm pretty sure it does) or schedule a C-Section if she thought he wouldn't "fit". So needless to say, I am EXTREMELY ANXIOUS to see what the doctor will have to say tomorrow!


I got to thinking about something the past few days. I always post pictures of me/my belly and tell all of my symptoms, thoughts, etc. But what about Daddy?

Rusty has been great. I know I have morphed into a slightly different person over the past few months. One who snores EVERY NIGHT and apparently has started having kicking fits as I struggle to get comfortable, has to have the house FREEZING to sleep, can be VERY indecisive, and occasionally a little emotional. But Rusty has been a trooper. He has helped me stay focused on what is important and has been extremely supportive the past nine months and even before as we planned for our first baby. The past few days he has gone walking with me, trying to get Little Man to come on out, and he has even been sleeping in the recliner so he can actually get some sleep while I take advantage of the king size pillow top. : )

AND.............even though he TOTALLY shouldn't have and I told him that A TRILLION times afterwards, Rusty surprised me Friday with a little "push present". He said he didn't want to give it to me at the hospital and since we didn't know when Hudson would be coming, he wanted to go ahead and give it to me. (Sidenote: Rusty has a really hard time waiting to give someone a present that he is excited's kinda cute. : ) He even proposed early because my ring was ready earlier than expected and he just couldn't wait.) I insisted that this was NOT necessary, but he insisted that I deserved it and he wanted me to have it to remember this special time in our lives in the years to come. He is the sweetest. I'm a very lucky lady.
Please excuse my swollen man-hand. I told Rusty that I would (hopefully) have to go get a smaller size once I am back to normal. ; )


I can't believe this could be my last week of preggers symptoms! I'm super excited, but many people say you will miss it and I can totally understand what they mean. Who doesn't want to have a little buddy with them all the time? Being able to feel their little kicks, rolls, and hiccups? This week the swelling in my feet has gotten a little better as I have tried to take it easy the last half of the week after being a little swollen and having elevated blood pressure Monday. My biggest complaint is just general uncomfortableness. In the bed, when I sit, when I walk waddle, pretty much all the time. It's not so bad that you can't stand it. It's just frustrating when the only way you are comfortable is in the recliner with a pillow behind your back. My friend heartburn is still hanging around, too. But besides that, I honestly have no complaints. Pregnancy has been very kind to me, I am well aware. Many women suffer almost the whole nine months with "morning" sickness, heartburn, major swelling, etc, so I know I have had it very easy.


Once I get comfortable, I am OUT. I don't really have any trouble going back to sleep if I get up during the night. I am SO glad it has been spring break for me this week because I have taken a 2 hour (at least, sometimes more) nap Wednesday - Sunday. Not because I wanted to, but because I literally was exhausted I couldn't stand it.

Maternity Clothes:

I hate getting dressed now because it is so hot and I all I have to wear is jeans. I wish I was one of those cute girls in a dress, but I am not going to go buy one. I am too cheap!! I have the maternity dress on in the picture from today, and that is it. All of the other dresses I wore were not maternity and I can't get away with that now.

Mommy and Daddy at our first shower in December - 25 weeksMichelin Man Mommy in the same dress - 39 weeks

We can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!! I am going to touch up the house and have everything ready when I go to the doctor tomorrow. And OF COURSE I will keep you posted!!

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  1. Hi Candace! Once again, I feel like just posting a link to your blog on my facebook page and telling my friends and family to get an idea of what is up with me and our boy. I went in for my 38 week appointment on Friday and was told that little man who has been head down the entire pregnancy had decided to flip into a feet-first breech position. We are now going in on Thursday to see if they can manually move him and then (if successful) induce or if not then C-section. Not quite the same as your situation since the reason for induction or c-section is different, but eerily similar timing, right?! Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly.


    P.S. I love the push present! I think that might be where our pregnancies differ...Lindsay seems to be a bit clueless about those things.