Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hudson Michael Ashworth

Born Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Weight 8 pounds 14 ounces Length 20 1/2 inches

Hudson is now one week old!!

So what has happened in Hudson's first week?

He is not a fan of bath time, but we really think it is because he is still having to have a sponge bath on the counter, so he is kind of "exposed" to the chill of the air. But, he LOVES getting his hair shampooed!
He has had some visitors at home.
He has played with his gym.
At his one week checkup, Hudson got a great report! He lost 11 ounces at the hospital and left weighing 8.3, but he weighed almost 8.10 at the doctor's office Monday, so Momma's Milk is doing its job!
While at the pediatrician's office, we had a little diaper incident. Being the Type A/over packer that I am, I packed 10 diapers even though I estimated us to be gone for no more than 3 hours at the most. When we got to the doctor, he was wet, so Rusty was going to change him really quick before he got weighed. Well, that turned into a lengthy diaper change. I think he went through 5 diapers in that one change. He just kept pooping and kept pooping while Rusty was changing him. We would give him a minute to see if he was finished and as soon as Rusty would get a clean diaper on him, he would poop again.
Then, Rusty held him in his diaper and blanket as the doctor talked to us. She asked Rusty to put him on the table to be examined, and when Rusty put him down, he has a huge ring on is shirt. He had peed out of his diaper, through the blanket, and on to Rusty. Just a day in the life of a newborn parent. I've been peed on twice since we've been home. All we do is laugh - you just can't help it!

Quick Facts about Hudson:

He is very alert and loves to raise his head and turn it already!! We are amazed at how strong his neck is and how much he moves his head!

He is a VERY easy baby. He only cries if he has a gas pain, and that cry is a very short, slightly fussy cry. He is not a crier (yet) and hopefully he won't be. Our biggest problem is that he seems to have his days and nights mixed up.

He was crying during diaper changes for the first few days, but since his little wee wee is almost healed, he doesn't really cry anymore. But, if he ever gets upset, we break out the secret weapon - the Glow Worm from Nana and Papa. Our nephew Dominic had one and he loved it, so they got Hudson one and we grab it if we anticipate any tears being shed (see the pic for "poop explosion").

One Week and One Day Old!
I am going to do a post of his Birth Story and our time at the hospital, but I know it is going to take me a little while to write it. Since I only have about a 2 hour break in between each feeding, it is hard to get things done and rest in that short time! ; )

Thanks to EVERYONE for all of the sweet messages, prayers, visits, food, and everything else you have done for us the past week and nine months! We have the most wonderful family and friends.

We feel extremely blessed to have this little boy in our daily lives now!! He is PERFECT and brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined!

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  1. Congrats!!! He is beautiful! Glad things are going well :)