Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two - Three Weeks

What in the world have we been up to?

In some ways, not much has changed in two weeks. In other ways, we are in a totally different world.

*The biggest thing is the noise level.

Hudson has discovered that he has a voice and it can be REALLY loud if he needs it to be. That being said, he only pulls the "someone do something NOW" card every blue moon. Most of the time, he is still a very easy going baby.

He is also a VERY noisy sleeper! He is constantly grunting, sighing, etc. Right now he is in the bassinet of the pack-n-play right next to my face, so I hear every little sound. I honestly don't mind the noise because it lets me know he is doing ok (yes, I am paranoid, but it has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better). But, sometimes he decides he is going to moan and groan so loud that it is impossible for me to sleep through.

*We are trying to learn his cries and other noises and faces.

*His biggest problem right now is going #2/having gas pains. Besides that, he is very happy. I read somewhere that babies are realizing that they have the sensation to go and think they have to use every muscle in their little bodies to get it out. That is definitely what we are seeing with him. Lots of very red faced grunting. Hopefully he will get use to that feeling soon.

*He (we) have had a couple of rough nights here and there when our little night owl decided he would rather stay up and/or be fussy than sleep between the hours of 9pm-2am. It has gotten better overall. We know there are going to be long nights, so we are grateful for the easy, peaceful ones. I really think it may have had something to do with his growth spurt, so we will see how the next week goes.

*We FINALLY have a belly button! It is still healing on the inside, but at least that nasty stump is finally gone!

*He is a CHUNK!!! He is already getting heavy. Since he is a chunk, I take it the breastfeeding is working well. It can be hard on Mommy at times - trying to get a good latch, keeping him awake to eat, worrying is if he getting enough/too much... - but I know it is worth it.

*At the rate he is going through diapers, everyone should buy stock in Pampers. If it is a poopy session, you are almost guaranteed to use at least two diapers. He takes about 5 minutes to use the bathroom. You hear it, and you think he is done. No one wants to sit in there own poop, so you go change him, even though you KNOW in the back of your mind he is not finished. You change him, and before you can even get his little outfit buttoned, he lets it rip again.

Oh and when I say hear it, I mean it. You could hear it from across the room.

*He has a little bald spot, sideburns, and he is rockin a slight mullet.

*He had his newborn pictures made with Melissa Wells Photography. We can't wait to get them in!

*He had his first Easter. The Easter Bunny was slightly out of commission this Easter, so the basket was a little slim. But, considering he has everything he could possibly need/want from every baby store around, the Easter Bunny really didn't know what else to put in his basket.

*I realized I never did an update on his kidneys. Before we were discharged from the hospital, he had an ultrasound done that showed the same thing we've been seeing - mild dilation. When we went for his 1 week checkup, she decided even though it was very mild that she wanted him to have a VCUG to see if he had any kidney reflux and to see the severity of it. I know that this doctor would never do a procedure that she did not feel was necessary, but Mommy and Daddy were NOT excited about it. Trying to hold still/soothe your 13 day old baby while he is being catheterized? Not my idea of fun. We had it performed at Children's South. They were fantastic. We could not have hoped for a better experience. The test showed that he had NO REFLUX!! : D He will have a follow up ultrasound at 6 months just to check on things, and hopefully he will be released after that.

*The dogs had a hard time when we first came home. They wouldn't even eat!!! : ( We felt terrible. After sprinkling all kinds of leftovers in their food and sitting beside them when ate, they finally seemed interested in their food again. They have slowed adjusted, just sniffing Hudson and his things as they walk by. Daddy went to the store to get dog food, but this is what he came back with.
Two Weeks Old
Tummy Time on the kitchen island while Mommy does the dishes - Three Weeks Old
He loves to wrinkle his forehead.
Three Weeks Old

We fall more and more in love with him every day! We are so grateful for this blessing!

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  1. He is getting so big and so adorable!!

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