Tuesday, March 6, 2012

36 Weeks - NONE?!?! Not even a little?!

Today I went for my first "check". Ladies, you know what this means, so I won't go into great detail. It was the normal routine: lab work, weigh in, and blood pressure check - which was perfect - YAY! Then it was off to the ultrasound room. For once, there was only one person in front of us, so we were in and out quickly. Another YAY! Hate waiting at the doctor!


The ultrasound was great. We were able to see his sweet face, but he is already getting squished against me, so AGAIN, couldn't get a great picture. I hope this isn't foreshadowing because this Momma is a picture taking fool and I will need little man to participate! Anyways, the important stuff: no change in the kidneys, which is good, amniotic fluid was perfect, AND...... he is still at D-lineman status. Now, I've had several people tell me that their doctor estimated their baby's weight and they were actually less than that at birth. The last doctor I saw said they usually over estimate, and the ultrasound tech said they can be off -/+ 1lb, but either way, we still have a hefty boy. From babycenter.com: "At 36 weeks, your baby weighs about 6 pounds.: Today, they estimated Hudson to weigh 7 pounds 8 ounces, which puts him in the 90th percentile. So, that is now the thing to watch. If he isn't here on his own by 39 weeks, we will have another growth ultrasound and come up with a game plan from there. He is currently head down, looking toward my left side.


During my "check", she did the Strep B Test, then came "the exam". I was relieved when it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as people said it would be, but when the words "yeah, he is still nice and high" and "yep, nice and tight...no thinning or dilation" I was in shock. I even asked her...."None? Not even a little?" I was so sure that SOMETHING was going on down there after all of the pains I have been having. Not to mention the daily "How far along are you?.....You ain't gonna make it ____ more weeks....He is really low." comments from EVERYONE - even complete strangers! I'm totally ok with him baking for a few more weeks, but I was truly shocked when she told me there was no progress at this point. She did say that was totally typical at 36 weeks for first time mothers. All I could think was, "Yeah, but my baby is HUGE and is pushing on my insides!! You mean all those pains mean nothing?!?"


Besides aches/pains/contractions (?), the urge to pee is even worse, lots of back pain, feet hurt all the time, slight swelling, and I've noticed I'm walking slower. INDECISIVENESS. I've always been terribly indecisive, but now that preggers brain has seriously lowered by brain function, making a decision is almost possible. I literally started sweating when trying to decide on a font and thread color to monogram his coming home blanket in. I'm sure the rude lady helping me made it worse, but still....it was really bad.


Getting worse, but thankfully I'll have a good night every few days to catch me back up. It is just hard to get comfortable with this belly, and now my back has even started hurting when I am on my side.

What we've been up to the past few days...
boiling bottles and pacifiers to sterilize
all of Hudson's stuff for the hospital
bags are packed and in the car
car seat and mirror installed

Belly Pic:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ADRIANNE!!! How about an old school pic to celebrate? ; )

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