Monday, March 19, 2012

38 Weeks - Just call me "Queen of the Ultrasounds"

Today I went in for what I thought would be a very routine 38 week check up. I figured I would do my labs, get examined, and be on my way. Why have I not learned from this pregnancy that my little man is full of surprises and is constantly going to keep me on my toes?

So I sign in, do my labs, and the nurse comes and gets me to check my weight and blood pressure. I always hold my breath a little bit during this 3 minute span because I am always silently praying that my blood pressure will be ok. I know so many people that make it 8 months just fine, only to have Preeclampsia with a few weeks to go and wind up being on bed rest or induced. My blood pressure has been great - even LOW, until today. At my 37 weeks appt, my BP was 122/68. Today, the first time she checked it, it was 130/90. She was not too happy. After a few questions for me and a quick chat with the doctor, they decided they would do an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid. I was shocked. Since I was having an ultrasound and they were planning on me getting a growth ultrasound next week anyway, they went ahead and checked his measurements. Ultrasound results: everything looked great, and they guesstimated that he weighs about 8 pounds 4 ounces. I could be wrong, but I think that makes my 7th ultrasound, and he's/I'm not even high risk! Just call me "Queen of the Ultrasounds."

After the ultrasound, I went back to the exam room. She said I was 2cm and 50% thinned! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!! She even stretched my membranes a little bit, without much warning, and it was pretty uncomfortable. But, if it speeds up the process, I'm fine with it! She said there was no protein in my urine, so they did another BP check before I left and it had dropped at little to 138/80, so those things combined made the doctor a happier. She wants me to come back in Thursday morning for another BP/urine check, just to be safe.


Let me first say that last time I posted I felt bad about listing my "symptoms" because it sounds like I am complaining. While most of the current symptoms are somewhat unpleasant, I'm just stating the facts. Lots of pregnant ladies like to read other pregnant ladies' blogs and compare symptoms/experiences, so I want to tell what I have really been going through. This past week, the feet swelling has really picked up and has gotten pretty bad the past few days. Heartburn and reflux have drastically increased, including in the middle of the night. Frequent bathroom breaks, back pain, and fatigue are still part of the regular routine.


Sleep has been ok. I woke up recently with acid reflux so bad that I had to take medicine and stay sitting up for an hour or so before I could lie back down. That's the worst that it's been.

Maternity Clothes:

It's 88 degrees outside and I don't have any maternity shorts/summer clothes and I REFUSE to buy any to wear for a few days.

What I've been up to lately:

wreath for the hospital door

goody basket for the nurses' station and Hudson's visitors

Belly Pic:
Could these be the LAST ones??? : )



  1. You are getting so close! I've been keeping a check on FB just to see if Hudson is on his way or here! Keep posting everything you can. Being a few weeks behind, I love to know what to expect and compare at where I am! Also, love the basket idea (might have to steal that for when it is my time!)What is in the celophane bags? Love how we were going to miss the summer weather and it is 88 in the middle of March!! Take care momma!

    1. The blue basket is just junk and goodies for the nurses' station - I've heard you want to keep them happy! ; ) The other basket which I am really still working on is little bags of white chocolate covered pretzels with blue sugar sprinkles that I made for any visitors. I've seen people do all kinds of little things...