Monday, March 12, 2012

37 Weeks- "A Good 1"

Just a quick update...sorry for no pictures. I've been running lots of errands and doing tons and tons and tons of little things. Rusty was my chauffeur and side kick as I tried to get a lot accomplished all over town Sunday after church. He was great and handled all of the "house stuff" so I could do some baby and work stuff Sunday night. I am so lucky to have such a great partner in life. : )


All of the normal from last week plus waddling, reflux, finding it impossible to get comfortable, and SOME CONTRACTIONS!!! : ) No, I was not in labor. There was no pattern; they did not become more frequent or intense, but when I did have one, it HURT. They were pretty painful and scattered throughout the day on Friday, then I only had 1 or 2 a day on Saturday and Sunday. The doctor referred to them as "practice contractions".


Sleep is about them same. It is just getting harder to get comfortable. I'm still getting up once or twice a night to use the bathroom. If I have a lot to do and I stay moving, I'm ok. I didn't go to bed until after 11 last night because I just kept doing stuff. But, right now I'm in bed (trying to get comfortable) as I write this and I can barely keep my eyes open.

The weather has been GREAT lately and I am so happy to have more daylight now. Maybe Rusty and I will have the time (and energy) to do some walking to help little man come along. However, with spring comes dresses, bathing suits, and short shorts. Which leads me to this:

Dear Victoria's Secret, Express, Macy's and all of the other places where I love to buy summertime clothes:

Please stop sending me emails and sale ads with the latest and hottest bathing suits, dresses, skinny jeans, etc. I long to wear your brightly colored fabrics and styles without a hem line right under the ladies or ruching on the sides, but right now it is just not happening and probably won't until the first of summer. It is KILLING me to keep putting on these stretchy belly pants over my pasty white legs while everyone else is breaking out the sundresses. So please remove me from your email list for the next few weeks. Thanks.

Nursery: I just keep adding little things here and there, but I did order a big 20x20 quote frame off Etsy last night and it will hopefully be here at the end of the week. When it gets in, I will post pictures of the finished nursery.


At the doctor today:

Heartbeat: 147 - perfect
Blood Pressure: 122/68 - perfect
Dilation: "A GOOD 1 CM"!!!!! Not just a centimeter people. She said, "Oh, you're 1're a good 1 cm (with a huge smile on her face). Making some progress!" Even the nurse was excited! I think my "team" is hoping this baby will come on his own within the next two weeks so that we don't have to force him to come out. I haven't thinned any really, but hearing I was 1 cm was enough for me. MUSIC TO MY EARS.

I may post some pictures later in the week with a few other little things I've been working on. For now, I've got to get up or I'm going to fall asleep.

Keep praying for progress and good health!

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