Monday, February 27, 2012

35 Weeks - 35 DAYS to go!

With my pregnancy brain lately, I probably would have never realized what a cool day today is for me. But, I read it on a pregnancy blog a few weeks ago. Today I am 35 weeks pregnant, and I have 35 days left until my due date! The magic "35". Pretty neat!

At 35 weeks, Hudson's main job is just "plumping up". Everything is developed and in two short weeks, he will be considered full term! Craziness!

On a lot of pregnancy blogs that I read, they always have a "what I miss the most" update every post. I've never done this, but I am starting to miss a few things:

1. My wardrobe. Maternity clothes were fun at first and I still enjoy most of them. Until I see that fitted black cocktail dress hanging at the other end of my closet and the 4 inch peep toe black pumps that I hope I will one day be able to wear again. I knew we were going to be doing lots of work Sunday, so thinking I might get a little hot, I grabbed the old faithful Nike running shorts. I thought they would be SO comfy and a nice change since it was so warm outside. Well, I must have forgotten I am almost 9 months pregnant and have gained X# of pounds. They were a liiiiittle tight. : (

2. My tan. I am reminded how pale I am every time I post a picture of myself. It is 3 weeks til spring break and I would normally be at least a light shade of bronze. Nope. More like Casper the friendly ghost.

3. Being able to move normally. Tie my shoes, pick things up, get out of bed, WALKING WITHOUT WADDLING. Sometimes I actually try to consciously not waddle. Don't know how successful I am, but I try...sometimes.

6. Being "under the radar". I was shopping a few weekends ago with my friend Morgan at The Galleria and I SWEAR it was like I had horns coming out of my head or blood dripping from my eyes. She even said something like, "Do you feel like people are staring at you?" IT'S RUDE TO STARE PEOPLE!! Ready to just run errands in my t-shirt, not Rusty's t-shirt or a maternity shirt.

PLEASE don't get me wrong. I have LOVED being pregnant and I know that I am EXTREMELY blessed to be able to get pregnant and have an uncomplicated pregnancy (except for the monitoring of little man's kidney). I just thought it would be interesting for some people to see what it is like to be 8 months pregnant.

Other symptoms lately:
Back pain. My back feels like it has a catch in it when I get up off the couch, especially if I was exerting myself, then took a break, and tried to get back up. Waddling is inevitable with a catch in your back.
Contractions. I am pretty sure I have had many contractions since my last post. Braxton-Hicks or not, I am not sure. I don't think any have been as bad as the one I had while writing last week's post. Also, they seem to happen more at the end of the day.
Swelling. I can't wear my wedding rings anymore and I am SUPER SUPER sad about it. I woke up and panicked when I didn't have them on this weekend. I never take them off.

Still loving ice, and now sour candy.

Sleeping ok for now. It's hard to get comfortable, but once I do, I'm usually long as the air is on about 66-67. ; )

Almost finished! I posted two little peaks in my last post.

Pic of the week:
We set up his changing table this weekend. I opened a sweet little pack of newborn diapers and put them in a basket. Can't believe we will soon be going through these like hotcakes. So tiny! I just love them.

35 Week Belly Pic:

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  1. Come on out, baby Hudson! We're all dying to meet you :) :) Think there's any chance of us seeing Momma and Daddy one more time before little man comes??