Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Baby, All the Time

The past two weeks I have spent MANY, MANY hours doing things to get ready for the little man's arrival. Chances are, if I am not physically doing something for him, I am making a to do list, mental note, or emailing Rusty or my mom things that we need to get accomplished. Much of my time has been spent washing, drying, drying some more (these little hooded towels take FOREVER to dry!), folding, hanging, putting away, organizing, reorganizing, and organizing some more. : )

We have been so blessed the past week with two celebrations for baby Hudson. First was my baby tea held at my sister and brother-in-law's beautiful home. Thanks so much to the hostesses for all of their hard work. Everything was wonderful!

My mom, me, Rusty's mom

Me and Baby Daddy

sweet friends

some of Hudson's aunties10 of the 12 hostessesnine months old, 34 weeks, 14 weeks, 11 weeks : ) some of the goodies!We use to be picture taking professionals...what happened? haha...some of my precious AOII sisters

My lovely third grade coworkers threw me a baby shower after work Thursday. I really don't know what I would do without these ladies!!! We work really hard, but we also have lots of fun.

books for my smart baby boy : )

Then Friday my mom came and spent the night. She helped me organize (yes, more organizing), return, shop, etc. ALLLLL DAY Saturday. We left at 8am Saturday morning and didn't get home until 4:30pm!!! I was exhausted, but on a roll, so we kept working. Rusty got home right after we did, so we put him to work.

Mom helping Rusty with the toy chest

We worked on his room, decorating, and getting organized (yes, more) until about 8:30 then I had to call it quits. I passed out without eating dinner. We slept in Sunday and spent all morning working on organizing (yes, more - I guess we are "nesting" ; ) ) closets, cabinets, and cleaning. Rusty's parents came by to see how things were going and to help move furniture back where it goes (we finally got our carpet cleaned Saturday!).

We washed both cars, did laundry, and went to the grocery store after all of the other things we had already done, so we are pooped, which is pretty much the common theme these days.

BUT, we had an extremely productive weekend and are thrilled with all of our progress! Here is just a sneak peek of the nursery! A dear family friend is painting some canvases to go above his bed and I still haven't decided on a few more details, so hopefully it will be TOTALLY finished by next week!

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