Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Necessities

I've seen this on several other "Mommy Blogs," so I decided to write my own.  When I was preparing for our little one to come into the world, I read a ton about the must have baby items.  I also asked other new moms, and honestly, I feel like a new mom-friend's advice may be the best advice you can get.  

So, in no particular order...

 Nap Nanny
Yes, I know it is $130, but I'm telling you...WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.  I move it around CONSTANTLY every day.  I take it in the bathroom when I shower.  He watches his DVDs in it.  He hangs out, talks, and plays with his hands.  He spits up a lot, so the incline is perfect for right after eating.  He slept in it a lot when he was really little.  And unlike baby swings, bouncy seats, etc. he can use this even through his toddler years as a seat to watch TV/relax! It's like his recliner.  It's light as a feather. LOVE IT.

Video Monitor
This is the one we have.  It's about the middle of the price range for video monitors.  It has wonderful quality in sound and view, even in complete darkness.  I would definitely recommend it if you are a paranoid mom like me or if your nursery is pretty far from your master bedroom.

Dreft Stain Remover
This stuff will get practically ANYTHING out.  Big Man was having a blow out pretty regularly for a while.  He became a master of pooping out the side of his diaper, so many of his precious outfits had orange (breastfed baby) poop stains all over the bottom and inside the leg holes.  This got it out 99.99% of the time.

This is the playmat/gym we got for Hudson.  I chose it because of the black and white pattern in addition to the bright colors.  Since babies' eyesight develops gradually, he would be able to see the contrasting colors even at a young age. Also, the little cat that hangs from the middle plays two "songs" and flashes different colors.  It is also detachable, so I frequently take it off for him to look at during tummy time, etc. This keeps him entertained for a long time, and he LOVES it.  He talks and squeals the whole time he plays.   

Wipe Warmer
Some people love them, some people say they are a waste... Hudson definitely prefers it!  I feel bad when we are out somewhere and I have to change him.  If the wipes are cold, he almost jumps off the changing table! Little Prince is use to his warm wipes! Also, if you are having to wipe off your baby's face, or you are trying to change your sleepy baby's diaper, a warm wipe makes a difference! It doesn't startle them as much.  

Changing Table
Delta™ Biltmore Changing Table
We bought a dresser as part of Hudson's bedroom suite, but after taking the advice of our mothers, we decided to get a changing table.  Many people are using the dresser as a changing table, but with the hutch full of knickknacks and picture frames, I don't know where you would put all the things you need: diapers, wipes, lotions, diaper creams, Vaseline, q-tips, pad liners, etc.  Not to mention when your little one decides to have a blow out IN THE MIDDLE OF A DIAPER CHANGE or decides to turn on the pee pee fountain while you bend over to get a diaper... no one wants pee and poo on their expensive new dresser!! 

Smart Phone

It has a great camera, but even better is the ability to video and instantly upload it very quickly to YouTube - for those who care to see every little milestone.  ; )

Car Mirror

This is one of my favorite things in the world to see now.  I love looking in the mirror seeing him observing everything, or seeing that sweet chubby face sleeping soundly.  
White Noise Machine

When I was reading about getting your baby to sleep better, I read a lot about white noise machines. This cute little fella plays 4 sounds (2 playful beats, 2 "sleepy" beats - one is white noise), has a volume dial, and has 3 different timer settings for helping baby fall asleep.  We use it everyday.  

The next few things don't need much explanation... but if you are going to breastfeed, GET THESE ITEMS!!!! It will make your life much more pleasant. 

Medela Tender Care 2-Ounce Lanolin
Buy the Medela brand - HUGE DIFFERENCE!!  Use it everytime you nurse for at least the first 2 weeks.  Trust me, you'll be hurting and this definitely helped me.

Lansinoh® Soothies® Gel Nursing Pads (Set of 2)
Put these bad boys in the fridge.  After you nurse, apply cream.  Then apply chilled soothies. Then, TAKE A NAP.  Wake up and thank me later.  ; ) 

Medela Disposable Bra Pads
Keep these in unless you want your shirt to be soaked when your baby starts crying.

Bump In The Night(tm) Nursing ChemiseWrap Nursing Sleep Bra

Nursing gown and sleep bra. Otherwise known as the nursing mom's uniform or "everyday wear" for the first month.  So comfortable and convenient! GOTTA HAVE 'EM!!!

Well that pretty much sums up my must-haves for the first three months!! I hope any new moms or mommies-to-be can benefit from this like I did with other mommy blogs! 


  1. I love this post! I added soothies and tender care lotion to my list! :)

  2. I'm a new reader...just came across your blog. Our cuties are pretty close in age, and we came THIS close to naming our little one Hudson! But decided to go with daddy's name. Who knows, maybe we'll eventually have a Hudson! But lal that to say...this would be almost my exact list too! I need to do a post like this!

    1. Hi Sarah! Confession.... I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with your little man! I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but I recognized the name because your MIL was a frequent customer of the store I worked at in college. I found your blog and a few other mommy blogs that were all having boys within a few months of each other! All of the bloggers' boys were born before Hudson, so it was something I loved to read- what mommy's symptoms were, how people were decorating nurseries, what milestones the boys had reached,etc. Anyways, thanks for the follow! Maybe our little ones will meet up one day!