Tuesday, December 27, 2011

26 Weeks - Running out of room!

14 weeks to go!

When I read that aloud, it makes my chest tighten. It is tightening from excitement, joy, disbelief, and a teeny weeny bit of "holy crap I feel like there is so much to do". I don't know why I work myself up. We are registered, furniture is ordered, bedding has been picked out and I am meeting with the seamstress next week. We are registered for 2 classes and I am reading my books/blogs/website/articles. I think about all that we have done and all that we have left to do, but I know that if he came tomorrow everything would be just fine. I have total confidence in Rusty and myself and I know that we will be able to provide everything that our son needs. I am SSOOOO ready to see that sweet little face and let his tiny little hand wrap around my finger!

Here are some pictures from our first shower! We had a great time and Hudson got some goodies from his "aunts and uncles". ; )

We had a wonderful Christmas with our families. We got lots of goodies - too many really - and of course Hudson got some stuff, too! One of the things we asked for was a video camera. So now we are officially "those parents" with their huge DSLR camera and video camera there to capture every little moment. It's ok - I don't mind being "that girl" that takes pictures all of the time. Those unposed smiles are my favorite pictures and you have to have that camera handy to catch those special moments!

Rusty and his new four wheeler helmet and gloves. Lord help us.

Me and my sewing basket. Just call me Martha Stewart. I'm gonna be cooking and sewing up a storm! ; )


Hudson is currently training to be one of those ultimate fighters according to his actions lately. That boy is all over the place! Rolling, moving, kicking, punching...he is a busy bee! Also, several other people have finally been able to feel him move this past week. Most of his movements are up around my ribs or on the sides of my stomach.

At 26 Weeks:

Most babies are the size of an eggplant and weigh up to 2.2 pounds. I really wish I knew how big Hudson is right now because he feels huge. Also, at 26 weeks, babies are building up immunity and are forming eyes that will be able to blink soon.

Maternity Clothes:

I went to Motherhood Maternity today and got 4 new shirts and another pair of full panel jeans with my money/gift cards I got for Christmas. The full panel jeans are WONDERFUL. They are more comfortable and help hold me in/up. My below belly jeans are about to be retired because they are getting uncomfortable. There aren't that many of my "normal" shirts that look good anymore. Also, lots of people say buy regular tops, just in a bigger size, but they look terrible on me. I'm sticking to the maternity tops. They are cut to hit me in the right places so they are much more flattering.


Sleep has been weird. I've been waking up for no apparent reason. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night or when it is time to get up, my neck/shirt/hair is wet with sweat. This has happened a handful of times, but no pattern or obvious reason. I still couldn't live without the Boppy body pillow.


No aversions that I can think of, but I am LOVIN some Grapico. It was something different that is caffeine free and tasty. I literally bought a two liter and carried it to my parents' and grandmother's house to eat with my meal.

Momma's Belly:

..........ALREADY feels like it is about to explode. I have started rubbing tummy butter on my growing midsection in hopes of preventing/minimizing any stretchmarks that try to show up. Sitting in a chair is getting pretty uncomfortable. It feels better to recline so that I stretch out my upper body. I also ask Rusty for a back rub almost every day now. I really can't imagine growing rapidly for the next 14 weeks.

In two weeks I will take my glucose test. That will be my last monthly appointment, then I start going every two weeks! It's getting close!!!!!

Belly Pic:

On a side note, two of my "readers" are pregnant, but it isn't public knowledge yet, so I won't share their news. I just wanted to say that I am SO happy for you both! I am glad that Hudson is already going to have so many friends to play with and that I will have more mommies my age to share stories with! I am really looking forward to sharing a new phase of life with my friends.

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