Tuesday, December 13, 2011

24 Weeks

We are just 16 weeks away from meeting our baby boy! We have started trying to get things checked off of our to do list. This weekend we are going to buy the furniture since some of it will take a few weeks to get in. We are also going to go ahead and register since we are having our first baby shower next week, which we are very excited about! Rusty's sweet fraternity brothers (and their wonderful wives/fiances/girlfriends) are throwing a Theta Chi Christmas Party/Baby Shower. I am really looking forward to it since this will be the only shower/tea that Rusty will actually attend.

Already feeling the meaning of Mommy and Daddy:

We got another ultrasound at our 24 week appointment. This is not routine, but at our 20 week appointment, Hudson's left renal pelvis (think tube from kidney to bladder) was slightly dilated. We didn't want to share the news because we didn't want anyone to worry since the doctor told us there was nothing to worry about. At the 24 week ultrasound, it was still slightly dilated. The doctor told us they would do another ultrasound at 30 weeks and would be able to tell more then. I was not upset about it at all until the second ultrasound. I was really thinking that we would get the all clear that everything was fine. After we left this appointment, my heart was broken. They kept saying that it was just something to watch and that there was no need to worry, but all this Momma heard was more ultrasounds...IF this, IF that... it was just hard to digest. They said that this is seen a lot in little boys, and most of the time it resolves itself before or immediately after birth. Also, my fluid level was perfect and his bladder looked great. If those were not normal, that would be a sign that there was a problem. But, they were great! Just another good sign. Of course, Rusty and I went home and researched it. Our findings confirmed what the doctor said (minimal dilation, good fluid level, normal bladder function = will likely resolve itself or is easily treatable after birth). So, we are handing our worries to God and trusting His plan. After that, I have not worried about it. God has given me a peace that everything will be fine.

Best part of the appointment: finally getting a little profile pic! At the 20 week and 24 week appointment, it was hard to get a good picture because he is facing my spine. But, here he is! Look at the precious nose and lips!


Hudson is definitely getting more active as time goes by, but he doesn't really have a "pattern" yet. Although, there is something really interesting. At night, Rusty will lay his head on my stomach and talk to Hudson and almost every single time he will starting kicking/moving within seconds. A few times he has kicked hard enough for me to actually see my belly move. It is the coolest thing and it honestly NEVER gets old. Feeling him kick can turn my frown upside down at any time.

At 24 Weeks:

The average baby is about the length of an ear of corn and weighs up to 20 ounces. Baby's brain, taste buds, and respiratory tree are continuing to develop.

Maternity Clothes:

Well I am looking forward to going shopping during Christmas break! After work, I am usually tired of walking and standing and the last thing I want to do is try on clothes. But, the time has come and I am going to have to have some new clothes. Soon. I am still enjoying the maternity pants, but my first pair of maternity jeans that have a stretchy band below my belly are starting to get uncomfortable.


Sleep is good. I know I am not going to bed early enough during the week, but I am going to try to be better about that after Christmas. Friday night I slept 11 hours. I was in the best mood Saturday and I felt like I could have ran a marathon. I literally got out of bed dancing and singing. Yes, it was 9:30, but it was Saturday and I had nothing that I "had" to do, so sleep was a pretty big priority.


I am loving anything and everything. We are having "The Twelve Days of Munchies" at work and there is a spread of all kinds of goodies in the workroom every day. I am trying to be good.

Family Time:

Friday night Rusty and I along with our parents and Lauren and Brett went to dinner to celebrate Rusty's graduation. We very rarely get together with both sets of parents at the same time. We all had a wonderful time. We laughed and enjoyed each others' company for 2 hours at the Village Tavern. We are so proud of him!

Here are belly pics. The first one was the morning of Rusty's graduation dinner. Rusty said the "flowy" top "didn't do my belly justice" so I took another one this afternoon in a more fitted shirt. And the belly button watch is on. It is almost like the top half is out, but the bottom half is still stuck in there.

Next appointment: 28 weeks = glucose test. Fun Fun!

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