Thursday, November 3, 2011

18 Weeks: Flutters and a Yard Sale

18 weeks - It doesn't seem like that long, but somehow time has flown and I am stunned to realize I am almost halfway through my pregnancy!

According to At 18 weeks, your baby is the size of a sweet potato! That's about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces now and he/she keeps on growing rapidly. (That's why you're probably feeling so hungry.) Kicking, hiccuping, yawning, sucking, twisting, and punching are just a few of baby's daily activities!

I guess Peanut is really having a ball in there because I FINALLY felt some movement! It was faint, but definitely movement. It was Thursday afternoon, October 27 - I was at work. We have been so busy after work the past few weeks that I haven't gotten to slow down and just "wait" to feel Peanut, but I have felt some movement a few times at night and when I am sitting really still. Hopefully the movements will become more noticeable soon.

Yard Sale

Rusty and I have never had a yard sale all on our own. I have really been wanting to have one, and I felt like the timing was right. We got rid of lots of junk, made some money, and made more room for Peanut! We were really pleased with the outcome, but I will say it was a lot of work. My back hurt for days and I slept almost all afternoon Saturday from going non-stop for the past 72 hours. We spent 2 whole nights until 10pm organizing, pricing, dragging stuff out of the attic, finding more stuff to get rid of, making signs, etc. Here are a few pics of our first yard sale adventure!

Maternity Clothes:

Well I really didn't think I would ever say this, but I am almost depressed about my state of fashion these days. It is super difficult to feel "trendy" when the rest of your body is about the same as it was, except you have this protruding belly. I'm not really big enough for real maternity tops and dresses yet, but lots of the fitted looks (in regular clothes) that I love are just not cute on my awkwardly shaped body. I always thought I would wear fitted clothes throughout by pregnancy, showing off my growing belly. But, I'm apparently not at that stage yet. However, if I wear something that isn't fitted, I just feel like a big blimp. Ok, enough harping. You get the picture. I guess that is just part of it! I am still wearing maternity pants, and most of my regular tops still fit.


Sleep is great, but the crazy preggers dreams are in full swing. I had a girl dream at the beginning of the pregnancy, but the past two months I've been convinced Peanut was a boy. Last night I had a VERY clear, somewhat realistic, yet strangely not realistic dream. I know that was confusing, but that is the only way I can describe it. Point being, I've been thinking Peanut is a girl this week and in my dream last night Peanut was clearly a girl and get this - she had on exactly what I have visualized I would put a precious, day old baby girl in - one of those sweet, soft, all white cotton gowns with pink piping and a sweet pink monogram - and IN THE DREAM - the initials monogrammed on the gown were the initials of the girl name we like! I mean wow, could it be any clearer? Watch Peanut turn out to be a boy - ha!


I've fallen in love with sweets again. Period.


Greasy food and strong smells

Other Preggers Symptoms:

I had my first experience with bleeding gums the past two weeks. It's not daily, though, and it's not really bothering me. My back/hip/nerve on my right side has been hurting a lot, especially when getting up from the sitting/reclining position. If you ask my husband, I'm sure he'd say I've been a little hormonal, too. ; )

EIGHT DAYS AND WE WILL KNOW IF PEANUT IS A BOY OR A GIRL!!!! Everyone is placing their bets on the sex of Peanut! I am SSSSSSOOOOOO ready!!!

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