Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten Weeks

Non-Routine Appointment:

So let me back up before I technically start the 10 week update. I had been having pain in my left lower back (honestly, more like left upper hiney area) for about two weeks. The pain was worse at night and was very dull. Then last Wednesday, the pain became much more intense. I mean, to the point of crying when I tried to lift my left leg to get in the bed. I couldn't walk right, couldn't sit down or get up, ... it was just all around painful. So, I finally broke down and called the doctor. After a few tests and an ultrasound of my kidney and bladder, they were confident that is was something muscular/skeletal, and could very likely be my sciatic nerve. I thought no way... this baby is 1 1/2" long... how can it be causing this much pain?? But, everyone swears that's what it was. Anyways, thankfully the pain eased up a lot the next day and I was able to enjoy my long weekend.

*Bonus - I was able to get a sneak peak of Peanut!! He/she was kicking and punching! That was one super active baby! I had no idea they were going to do an ultrasound, so I told Rusty not to come to the appointment, that I would be fine on my own. I hate he didn't get to see it. The ONLY way to describe seeing MY baby moving inside me: LIFE CHANGING. It was the absolute most amazing thing I have ever seen! I even whipped out my phone to video it for Rusty until the u/s tech told me that wasn't allowed. : (

9 Weeks 3 Days

10 Week Appointment:

Everything looks great. Baby was sleepy today, but he/she did finally wave to daddy, so I was happy that he got to see the baby move a little. Heartbeat was 168 (it was 178 last Thursday during all the kicking and punching) and I am measuring 11 weeks, so we may meet Peanut by the end of March! I had lots of questions for the doctor about good signs, bad signs, and genetic testing. We still haven't decided if we want to get the genetic testing (quad screening). This tests for chromosome abnormalities, such as Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18, and other neural defects. Of course, no matter what the outcome, we will still have the baby. It is just a way to prepare yourself instead of being shocked at the time of delivery. This is something we will be praying about for the next 4 weeks until my next appointment when they will do the screening (if we choose to). It is a standard blood test, but I still just can't decided what I think about it.


I have been a little tired, but really not enough to complain about. The morning sickness has eased up A LOT (Hallelujah!), but I still have my good days/bad days. I have started getting headaches, which is typical, but Tylenol is helping. I have had a few "stretching cramps"... guess Peanut has decided he/she needs some more room! And my sense of smell...let's just say I feel like a Bloodhound! I smell EVERYTHING. I opened up a pack of Busy Bones for the dogs and I gagged from the smell. Oh, and then there is "pregnancy mask" aka preggers acne/blotchy skin/etc.. I was blessed not to have acne as a teenager, but I am now getting to experience breakouts at the age of 25...lovely.

Maternity Clothes:

Speaking of more room, Morgan and I braved Motherhood Maternity today. Since school was closed, we tried to make the best of it (since neither of us had power) and met at Brookwood Mall for lunch and a little shopping. I was relieved to find some cute clothes at MM. Although I know I don't need them yet, it was fun to browse. Ok, so the pants were a little creepy, but they had some super cute tops and tunics!

  • Milk has made a gradual, sneaky comeback. I was REALLY missing milk and cereal, so I had a bowl of cereal a few nights for dinner. One morning I paid the price for it, but the other two times have turned out ok. It was almost worth the gamble.
  • I'm still staying away from extra greasy food.
  • I usually LOVE ice cream, but right now I only want frozen yogurt. Not any of these new hip "Fro Yo" places all over Birmingham ...just a good 'ole swirl cone from TCBY. I also wouldn't turn down a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. I don't really crave sweets except after a meal.
  • I am loving soup for lunch or dinner and dry Eggo waffles for breakfast.
  • I have been more thirsty lately. I know I haven't been drinking my 60-40 ounces of water a day, but hopefully I will get better at that. I have been having one Mt. Dew a day, usually at lunch. I was never a big soft drink drinker, but it is nice to have something to drink besides Gatorade and water. I made some decaf sweet tea this week and that has been a wonderful addition to my drink menu.

We have made our gender ultrasound appointment for Friday, November 11th! I will be off that day, so I made my appointment first thing in the morning so I can spend the rest of the day shopping!!!! I can't wait!!! The Chinese Gender Chart shows girl.... we will see! I really just can't make up my mind! I have had two girl dreams, but boy thoughts have been popping in my mind a lot lately! We will be perfectly happy either way.

I have really got to start taking this belly pics in the morning... these 8:00 pm after I have been working all day pics are just not flattering, but oh well.

10 Weeks, 2 Days


  1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I am so happy for you and little baby boosie!!! I can't wait to see what the sex is, I just put the date in my calender so I will remember...can't believe that my BFF is going to be a momma. Wish that I was closer and more able to see the process :(


  2. Also, I just created a Blog account so I would be able to comment on your stuff...what have you done to me? :)