Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eight Weeks - "Morning" Sickness

It seems like the past two weeks have slooooowly crept by. I owe it all to my new friend, "morning sickness." I've heard the horror stories about how it lasts all day long, but it is hard to imagine until you have experienced it yourself. I won't complain much, because I know compared to many women, I have it easy. The main problems for me are: 1) my job - I don't have the type of job that I can come in late because I was sick; I can't sit in my cubicle and try to relax until it goes away - last week (the first week of school) I sat at my desk gagging while giving oral baseline assessments to 21 eight year olds; 2) It seems to last almost all day. The only way I can keep it at bay is to keep my tummy full. I measured my waist and lower abdomen area at 4 weeks (the day we found out) and I have grown almost an inch. I know that my uterus is expanding (now the size of a large grapefruit), therefore so is my belly, but I am sure the snacking all day every day isn't helping either. I usually feel better by lunch time, but here lately I'm not feeling too hot after dinner.

  • Milk: My longtime BFF, drink of choice, chocolate, regular, in cereal or with cookies - we are no longer friends. The things you do to me now are not very nice. I hope we can be friends again in a few weeks.
  • Greasy Foods: They look so good, but almost immediately after finishing my meal, I feel sick. Just looking at that greasiness makes me weak in the stomach.
  • I usually love cakes and cookies, but I suddenly have no interest in them - at all. Rusty brought me a heavenly treat - a Dreamcakes wedding cake cupcake and it was all I could do to finish it. STRANGE. What has taken over my body? The cutest little Peanut around. ; )
  • I'm not really having any cravings. The only thing I crave is something to make that constant stomach virus feeling go away - crackers, Tums, Gatorade, fruit, hard candy - whatever I can get my hands on.

You hear of those exhausting 1st and 3rd trimesters, women sleeping every spare moment, etc. My family joked that I would be asleep 24/7 while pregnant. Before being pregnant, I have been known to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, in any position, but I have done well until the past few days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I said I was going to "lie down for a minute." I was up three hours later, and one of those times was only because Rusty woke me up.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Rusty is working on a major project at his office, which has required him to be out of town most of the work week the whole month of August. So let me recap: August: school starting, morning sickness starting, and Rusty is out of town. Pity Party, I know. Luckily my sweet mother has volunteered to keep me company and be there to bring me crackers in bed to fight off morning sickness. We have enjoyed eating out, being lazy, and discussing plans for Peanut. Tuesday after lunch, I walked in to my classroom to find flowers and the most thoughtful, sweetest card EVER from Hubby. It totally made my day. I am one lucky girl.

Preparing for Peanut

Even before I was pregnant, I loved to look for baby stuff. If I was ever near Buy Buy Baby and had time to kill, I would take a nice stroll and gaze around at all the gadgets, clothes, furniture, etc. I even conned Rusty into going once or twice, but he was always concerned that someone would see us and wonder why we were hanging out in the baby store. Well this time, Daddy was excited to go and learn a few things. We looked at nursery furniture, the "wall of pacifiers" - seriously, so unnecessary - and braved the stroller/car seat section. It was fun to see Rusty so interested in all of the contraptions his Peanut will be needing in just 32 weeks.

Belly Pic

Peanut is now the size of a kidney bean! My uterus has grown from the size of a peach to the size of a large grapefruit.

I am really looking forward to my 10 week appointment. They are going to do another ultrasound. I CAN'T WAIT to see how much Peanut has grown!

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