Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Six Weeks

It seemed like this day would never get here. I was under the impression that my doctor's office would have me come in for a blood test to confirm my pregnancy when I called them at four weeks. They said it was not necessary and that they do not typically see patients until six weeks. I was very anxious to hear the doctor's reassuring words, and on August 8th, I finally did..."Congratulations!" I was just as excited all over again.

I had the whole appointment planned out in my mind based on stories of my friends' first time appointments, but mine was totally different. After the basic weigh/blood pressure/pee in a cup routine, I went straight back to get my ultrasound. I had my eyes glued to the screen as she mashed on my lower abdomen, and then I HEARD IT! This caught me off guard because I didn't think we would be able to hear (just see) the heartbeat this early. But there was Peanut in all his/her glory. That heartbeat was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. Just to make sure, I had the tech confirm that it was the baby's heartbeat and not mine. All of my worrying for the past two weeks melted away as I fell in love with the 4 cm blob on the screen.

Right after the ultrasound... SO EXCITED!!!

Our little Peanut!

Six Weeks:

  • not feeling as bloated

  • queasy feeling almost all day long

  • loving Whole Fruit Frozen Strawberry Bars and chocolate milk

What a wonderful husband! I was dying for 1 chocolate covered doughnut, but he bought a dozen!

6 Weeks and 2 days
(looking rough - eeeeearly on my first day back at work)

We are so happy that we could finally share the news with everyone! We are really looking forward to preparing for our little one for the next 34 weeks!

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