Sunday, September 18, 2011

1/3 of the way!

***I apologize in advance - this is a long post!***

12 Weeks

I am now 12 weeks - the end of the first trimester! EEEK! It seems like it is going by so slow, yet so fast at the same time. At 12 weeks, Peanut weighs approximately half an ounce and is 2 1/2" long. 12 week milestone: Peanut is now able to move his/her fingers, curl his/her toes, clench his/her eye muscles, and brain synapses are forming rapidly. I'm already so proud of my Peanut. ; )

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Dad!

The past few weeks Rusty has been so great. He has been very patient and helpful during my many changing and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. He searches out things I might like to eat/drink, cooks, cleans, goes to the store/picks up food. One weekend, I was just flat out miserable. I think some of it was preggers symptoms, but I also think I may have caught a bug. I was extremely weak and had intense headaches. On that Sunday, I stayed in bed alllll day, only waking up/getting out of the bed to use the bathroom and get something to eat or drink. I woke up at 8pm to find an empty house. I called Rusty and he was at the grocery store. I had not made a list or discussed dinner plans or anything, so I was wondering what in the world he was going to come home with. I was pleasantly surprised to see my Boo has actually listened to me plan out my shopping list by looking at the weekly sale paper online before I go to the store. Look at what he did...

Buy One Get One Free Items


I was so proud of him, and I think he was pretty proud of himself, too.

Sidenote: I have been loving sour candy lately. I opened my car door for work one morning and someone had placed these heavenly morsels in my front seat. Yep, he's awesome.


I have prepared myself for the day that my favorite shirt may be ruined by spit up or poop. I am ready for the days of looking not so glamorous after being up all night with a newborn. However, I didn't realize that I would become shameless this early.

#1. Baby Bump - Although I am only 12 weeks, I am definitely showing. OK, so I am definitely showing in my eyes. I realize for strangers at the mall and the grocery store that I may look like the girl who has let herself go...eaten a few too many doughnuts...whatever. But you know what? I don't care. To some, it may look like I have mysteriously gained weight only in my front stomach area, but I have wanted this pooch for about 2 years now, and I am proud to have it. It may not be a defined, super round baby bump yet, but it is my baby bump and I am not going to hide it with tent style shirts. So there.

#2. Refer back to Super Dad when I talked about being sick. After being in bed all day that Sunday, I still didn't feel good on Monday morning. I woke up and just could not get to feeling well. I tried to slowly get ready and eat tiny amounts of a few different things, hoping that they would agree with me. I thought I had conquered the morning until I got to school. I whipped into the school parking lot and jumped out of my car. As I started to walk across the (what I thought was deserted since the bell was going to ring in 5 minutes) parking lot, I started to gag uncontrollably. I ran across the parking lot to the edge where it is wooded. I puked several times as soon as I got to the grass. *Visual* - Arms full with purse, lunchbox, drink, binder...bent over with eyes watering and everything that I have put in my body the past 2 hours deciding it didn't want to be in there anymore* I didn't even know what to think because it happened so quickly/unexpectedly, but I was relieved that the parking lot was empty and that I didn't embarrass myself in front of anyone. UNTIL I heard a voice VERY close say "It will get better friend. Is there anything I can get for you?" One of our sweet janitors was in the car RIGHT NEXT TO ME with his window rolled down. He was probably enjoying his last few minutes before going into work until it was rudely interrupted by someone sprinting across the parking lot and puking in front of his car. Needless to say, again, I was shameless. He knew I couldn't help it and I could tell he felt terrible. There was nothing either of us could do besides try to forget it happened and go on in to work, so that is what we did. He checked on me again later that day and frequently asks how "we" are feeling. : )

Saturdays in the South

...are often spent on the quad or in front of the TV, especially for my husband. This past Saturday he graciously gave up watching football to come shopping with me. We started the day out by shopping for nursery furniture. We had already been to Buy Buy Baby and Storkland, but I wanted to check out TD's Kids and Baby Furniture. We made the quick trip up to Sumiton and found a girl and a boy set that we both really liked. Then we went to the Galleria where for the next three hours my precious husband followed me from store to store to store to store. I was determined to find some maternity pants just as cute as my regular dress/work pants. If you don't really know me, I am EXTREMELY picky and pretty frugal, so I'm not going to buy something unless I really like it. I have been wearing the same style, cut, and size black pants from Express since I was in high school. Most of my jeans also come from Express. They fit the best and are good quality. After a recommendation from a friend (thanks Hailey!), I went to Gap Maternity first. I was thrilled to find a pair of SUPER cute jeans!!! Whew, what a relief. They didn't have my size in black dress pants, so we tried Macy's and Motherhood Maternity. I wasn't really finding anything that I liked, but I finally bought a pair from MM.

Sleep: Sleeping has not been as great because I have been sick, but it is getting better. Rusty bought me a Mommy Boppy pillow for my birthday and it is my new bff. He gave it to me, I went to "try it out" while he ran to the store, and I woke up 11 hours later. I am having to get up more frequently during the night, but according to one of the 5 articles in my inbox everyday, that should get a little better soon.

Cravings/Aversions: About the same. I am getting to have some milk/cereal every once in a while, but it makes me feel bad sometimes. I usually love Mexican, but the thought of it makes me sick. : ( No more Cocina Superior Girls' Nights for now.

My next appointment is October 4th, and I am so ready to hear Peanut's heartbeat!

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