Thursday, October 6, 2011

14 Weeks - (Almost) Back to Normal

Well, I am officially in the second trimester! I can totally tell this week.

Things that have gotten better:
Headaches - less intense, less frequent
Morning Sickness (still a little "gaggy", but it is really random)

At my 14 week appointment, Peanut's heartbeat was 158 bpm. He/she is now the size of a lemon, averaging 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces! I can definitely tell that Peanut is growing because I am having daily "growing pains" in my uterus. It is a random, sharp pain in your lower abdomen, usually one side at a time.

Maternity Clothes:

I am still wearing all of my normal tops, but I am wearing maternity pants. I found some maternity jeans at Forever 21 for $15! They are so cute and they have the little band in the front instead of the huge stretchy belly thing. LOVE them.

Sleep: I am still loving my sleep, but then again, I loved my sleep before I was pregnant. I told Rusty one Saturday that all I wanted was the opportunity to sleep until 8. We have been so busy during the week, and since we go to early service on Sunday, Saturday is my only day to sleep in. When he woke up, he took the dogs in the living room, closed the door, and I had the bedroom all to myself. Of course, I had to get up to go to the bathroom about 7, so then I was wide awake. It was still great to lie in bed and not have to get up and get ready.


ANYTHING I can find to drink. I am thirsty all the time.
Ice cream/sweets


Well, I thought milk and I were back on speaking terms, but as of this morning, we are feuding again.
Also, ANYTHING SMELLY. Walking by the trash can or the kids' bathroom at school is enough to make me gag. I seriously hold my breath when I walk by both of them.

Belly Pic

I forgot to post my 12 week belly pic, so here is the 12 week pic and a pic of Rusty and I this weekend before tailgating at our house on Saturday.

We had our turn hosting the Theta Chi crew at our house this weekend. I had my camera on the counter the whole night and this is the only picture I took! Super bummed. All the guys gathered outside and the girls watched the game inside. We were all updating each other on wedding plans, babies, new houses, etc and I just forgot all about taking pictures! I guess that is what happens when we are killing our opponents, and we aren't paying much attention to the game. ; )

Next month I should be able to start feeling the baby move and we will find out Peanut is a he or a she!

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