Monday, November 17, 2014

Our New Normal

So I had full intentions of doing a blog post on our last minute preparations, my surprise baby shower, Ryder's nursery, etc... but before I knew it, he was here.

I hate to admit it, but all of the catchy Scary Mommy/Huffington Post/Buzz Feed articles are SO true - the 2nd child just doesn't get the same life as the first child.  This isn't necessarily bad... He gets tons of love from everyone, especially his big brother.  He's always clean, fed, dressed cute, kissed from head to toe, snuggled with... so in other words, all of the IMPORTANT (non-pinteresty) stuff is well taken care of. : )

On the other hand, trying to find time to do all of the "extra" stuff like I did with Hudson is a lot harder.  Mostly due to energy level, lack of sleep, time, etc.  Posed monthly pictures, birth stories, blog updates, completing his baby book, etc etc.... have all unintentionally fell to the wayside.  I did manage to take a few 1 month pictures...5 days late.  But, better late than never! With Hudson, Rusty was always my assistant...getting him to smile, propping him up... with Ryder, I just had to do it during the day when we had time and he was awake.  Once Rusty and Hudson walk in the door around 5pm, the house is pretty crazy until he's in bed by 8:30.  Throwing a toddler into the mix makes things WAY more interesting!! You don't realize how easy you had it with #1 until #2 is here and you are trying to do all of the typical new baby things while trying to coerce your toddler to eat something besides chicken nuggets, bribing him to stay in his big boy bed, picking up all 702,846 of his toys, remembering to take him to tee tee in the potty (along with bribing him to go #2), laundry, OH THE LAUNDRY, AND dishes... I know my mom friends that have had two or three kids for a while are laughing...because you know it's true. But it is all SO worth it.  Nothing makes me happier than my two precious boys!!!

I've got 7 weeks until it's back to the real world and I intend to make the most of it! Which includes catching up on blogging and documenting our new bundle of joy's precious first year of life.

With just one little one crawling around, I had time to proofread, edit pictures, and make everything perfect.  Forgive me if the next year of blogs has a few typos.  : )

I hope you will follow along! I will (hopefully) be posting his one month blog today!

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