Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All the details on Baby #2 - including a NAME!

Rusty and I always knew we wanted {at least} two kids.  Less than a year after Hudson was born, Rusty was already talking about baby #2!! Of course I wanted another one... but I wanted to wait just a little longer.  Over the next few months, we tried to decide when we thought would be the best time.  Things we considered were my job, my {lack of} sick days, and the age gap between the two kiddos.  We decided we would start trying after Christmas, and that God would give us a baby in His time.  

Well let's just say we are in the business of having babies because a few weeks later we found out we were pregnant! WHOO HOOO!!!!! 

I really couldn't believe it, but at the same time, I just had a feeling.  As a matter of fact, SO much of a feeling that I bought the early response test and took it REALLY early and got a negative.  Rusty was also just as anxious.  When it was negative, I was shocked.  I told Rusty that I thought we were rushing it and I wasn't going to take another one until I had missed my start date.  WHO AM I KIDDING?!?! That was a Tuesday.  Thursday at work I was having these crampy feelings allll day.  I just knew something was up.  And even though it was still a little early, I was dying to take a test that night.

We went about our usual routine.  Hudson was being *extra awesome* that day  - wouldn't eat, was being super loud, and made quite a mess a dinner.  I just couldn't stand myself any longer so I went and took a test without telling Rusty.  I convinced myself if it was negative, I wouldn't say a word and would take another one in a few days.  Well, TWO pink lines showed up!! I was speechless.  All I could do was giggle.  

I walked into the kitchen where poor Rusty, who had the most exhausted look on his face, was cleaning everything up.  I just looked at him with the biggest grin and said, "I hope you are ready for things to get a lot crazier around here!"  He just looked at me like, "What in the world are you talking about?"  I held up the test.  He looked at it.  Then looked at me.  Then looked at it.  Then looked at me.  He said, "Are you sure?" 


To be fair, last time I bought the Clear Blue Digital Tests that clearly say "pregnant" or "not pregnant".  Rusty just wasn't convinced that the second line was dark enough!! ; )  I got the booklet and showed him where it pretty much said "a line is a line, no matter how faint"! "SEE!! SEE!!" I said, and he just laughed.  This went on the next day, too!! I asked him if he wanted me to go get a digital test, and he said no.  So it was settled.  Rusty agreed I was pregnant ; ) (HA!) and we anxiously awaited our first doctor appointment!

Around 7 weeks, we got the confirmation ultrasound!
Around 12 weeks, we announced our big news!
Here are some belly shots that have documented this journey:
 17 weeks
19 weeks - the day of THE ultrasound : )

23 weeks at the beach

Sadly, not nearly as many pictures as with Hudson, but if you lived with us, you'd understand why.  ; )  
Mommas just doesn't have the time and energy with #2!

Around 19 weeks we had our anatomy scan, and we received an all clear! 
A healthy baby BOY!

I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Sometimes it is harder to get comfortable lying down or sitting, but nothing too bad.  My iron was a little low, so they switched my vitamins.  And of course, being pregnant chasing a VERY active 2 year old is somewhat tiring! Besides that, everything is very normal! 

Memorial Day Weekend was very low key for us this year.  I spent part of the day Sunday cleaning out Hudson's closet and drawers.  After lots of thinking and being realistic, we have decided to give baby #2 Hudson's dresser.  Hudson has plenty of room for clothes between the chest and his closet.  We will be making Hudson's room have more of a playroom area since our living quarters will be full of baby gear soon.  ; )

His original room...

Baby #2 will get Hudson's dresser, hutch, and changing table.  We are ordering a convertible crib that matches Hudson's furniture, but the headboard will look a little different.

I'm picturing a crisp, clean room with navy, green, and white! We shall see!

Last big update...HIS NAME!

This time was MUCH harder.  We looked and looked and discussed and made faces and looked some more and disagreed A LOT.  But after much discussion, we finally have a name!

Ryder James Ashworth

We've always had the middle name.  James is my paternal grandfather's first name and Rusty's paternal grandfather's middle name.  It is very special to us and we always knew that would be the middle name if it was a boy.  We just like Ryder! It has no special significance.  It was on a list I texted Rusty one day and he didn't pay it any attention.  Then weeks later, after we still couldn't agree on a name, he mentioned it.  It look me about a week, but one day he was kicking and I just had a feeling.  We like it because it's not too crazy, but not very common.  It goes well with James, and it's not too trendy.  So, Ryder it is!

We can't wait to meet you, Ryder! 

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