Monday, April 29, 2013

First (and Second) Zoo Trip

At the end of March while I was out for Spring Break, my best buddies and I took our sweet babies to the local zoo!
It was the first time for the boys (Hudson, Gage, and Caleb L to R) and Miss Ryleigh was the boys' fearless leader. 

The weather could not have been better.  We were at the zoo from 10-3 and the babies practically never whined! They were all so good!  Here is an overload of cuteness from that day...
So excited to be at the zoo!
Checkin out the goats...
Big Boys at the Petting Zoo
Hot Mommas! ; )
Snoozin while we ate lunch! LOVE these new Recliner Smart Trikes!
Having a fun conversation apparently...
We finally had a pretty weekend that wasn't jampacked with planned activities and occasions for our little family of 3.  We took advantage of the free time, perfect weather, and new zoo pass and we went back to the zoo! This was Daddy's first time with Hudson, so his little buddy had lots to show him!
 Feeding the flamingos with Daddy...

 Checkin' out the giraffes!
We are so thankful for the zoo pass that Hudson received as a birthday present! I know we will be going a lot this summer!
Also, we were stopped numerous times and asked about the "cool strollers".  These things really are the best! We have started taking Hudson's Smart Trike places instead of his stroller.  He loves it! It is easy to use and more fun for him than a stroller.  Here is link to the company website.  We all purchased ours at BabiesRUs.  I believe they are the only local retailer. I highly recommend purchasing one!

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