Tuesday, December 4, 2012

8 Months


You are eight months old!
And you are by far the cutest, funniest, most loving little boy I know!
At eight months you...
weigh about 23 pounds

wear a size 4 diaper, 9 month/9-12 month/a few 12 month clothes and a size 3 shoe.

Your eating has recently changed just a little bit.  Your spit up problem had gotten a little better, but all of the sudden it started getting worse again.  I felt like you could go longer between feedings, so we first stretched out your bottles, which led to us giving you a 3-4 ounce bottle right before bed to "top you off".  That was so close to the bottle you had just had at 4:30.  So, we dropped a bottle, added a snack, and up your ounces for your first and last bottle.  You also dropped your last catnap! This has been going on since about Thanksgiving.  You can make it with just 2 naps as long as you sleep until 3.  If you wake up at 2, you will probably need a little nap.  Your current (during the week) schedule is: 6:30 wake up and 8oz bottle, 7:30 cereal/juice cup*, play, nap 9-11, stage 2 fruit and 7oz bottle around 12, play, nap 1-3, snack: mums mums/puffs and juice cup*, play, stage 2 meat and veggie and 1/2 a stage 2 fruit with juice cup*, play, bath, 8oz bottle at 7:15ish then bed. *Cups are always 1/2 water, 1/2 apple or pear juice.*     

We recently discovered Mum Mums! Love them! So much easier than puffs.  By the way, it is SO cute to watch you feed yourself! We just can't get enough of your everyday cuteness.

Your favorite times are bath time, when you first wake up, lying on the changing table, and when you find something you aren't suppose to have and start chewing on it.  ; )  You also love shopping.  You don't love being in the stroller if we aren't moving.  You LOVE being up in the shopping cart.  I think it's because you can see so much.  You are SO observant...almost to the point of ADD. I can't get you to look at the camera because you are too busy exploring.  You still love being outside and you enjoy riding with your window down when it is warm enough.  You have started chewing on your pointer fingers and smacking your lips.  Your favorite non toys are the remote, wooden spoons, cell phones, and anything with a tag. Oh, and Cooper.  You love to pet Cooper.  He is much more laid back with you than Macy.

You are a much better napper these days, averaging 1 1/2, many times 2 hour naps at a time.  You usually wake up for your paci a few times a night, but you will go right back to sleep.

Mommy You had several rough nights of sleep.  We just couldn't figure out what was wrong.  You were also a little fussier and more clingy during the day.  Then suddenly, your 2 "fangs" started popping through! You skipped your top central incisors and the lateral incisors came through instead.  They made for a rough few days, but I think we are finally past the roughest point.  

Sickness was another sleep culprit this past month.  You got your first ear infection about a week into November.  We could just tell something was up.  You didn't seem super sick, but after days of pulling at your ear, a slight cough, and finally a fever over 100, we called the doctor.  She thinks that the last bacterial infection didn't quite get out of your system. 

You still aren't crawling yet, but you can get around when you want to.  You roll and roll, do 360 spins on your belly, and are starting to pull up on things. 

You are quite the talker.  Your first word was definitely Mama.  : )  You've been saying it for a while, but I didn't think you knew what it meant.  I really think you understand now because you tend to say it when you are upset or mad.  You are great at saying and waving bye bye.  Buh, Bye, Ba... those are your favorite syllables! Here is a video of you talking after bath time.
You have started reaching for people and it is super sweet! 

Mommy and Daddy are so excited to be spending Christmas with the best gift we've ever been given!
We love you!

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  1. That little boy is just adorable!!! LOVE his big smile!! :)